Isarnia or Richard?

Which one do you think I should ascend first?

Currently, I have Justice, Aeron and Zimkitha at 5/80 and pretty much every 4* fully ascended.

My preference would go to Isarnia but I’m concerned about having two slow mana heroes in my line up (Justice being the other one)

Opinions and advices will be much appreciated. Thanks

Isarnia is good for titan and aw…

Isarnia, she may be slow but packs a big punch and debuff

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While I agree Isarnia is better hero overall, I agree that both Justice and Isarnia on a team is a bad thing.

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If you go with 2 slow, I would put Aeron in the middle flanked by the 2 slow heros.

Aeron can be a pain to deal with and should buy time for the slow heros. The nice thing about Justice and Isarnia is they hit all 5 and have a nice after effect (blind and def debuff)


I have 2 unleveled Richard on my bench and Isarnia (not having Athena) was one of my first priorities for scopes. She is awesome, but slow and it takes some mana to get the best use of her on titans.
But when she hits, she is a star :slight_smile:

Two slows isn’t terrible, just make sure they’re both either flanking or running one as your tank with the other flanking. Isarnia is way better than Richard, so you definitely shouldn’t pass up the chance to take her to 4T when it’s her vs Richard. Isarnia all the way :grin:

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