Isarnia or Richard


In my fruitless quest to summon this months hero I have managed to land a baby Isarnia and a Richard from a times ten roll. I want to raise one of them up to replace Thorne (only blue 5* I have) but don’t know which to focus on first. They would be paired with Elena, Vivica, Albericht, and Thoth. I also have several four stars fully leveled and raised including Colen, Caedmon, Rigard, Kiril, Hu Tao, and an almost finished Grimm. I also have a guardian Jackel in there somewhere but haven’t fed him yet.

So which one Should I work on first? Richard or Isarnia?


Isarnia for her debuff


Agreed with @Talisax. I’m not a big fan of slow mana heroes, but Isarnia is a scary foe in a raid. Like you, I had Thorne as my first 5*, and he’s still sitting at 3-70 where he will likely sit to the end of his days. Fortunately I drew Magni as his replacement. Looking forward to a chance to get King Arthur in January!


Same story as ever.
How many telescope do you have?


Not enough for both right now. Thanks all for the replies; guess I will start with Isarnia


Isarnia for the debuff and the attack power…


I have Isnaria and prefer Richard, hits hard great tank and reduce damage and is average mana