Isarnia or Richard .. or neither?

I’ve currently got both of them at 3/70 and have the telescopes I need to acsend either of them.

Who would be a better fit on my defence team;

Gravemaker, Isarnia / Richard, Guinevere, Sartana, Liana

Or the wild card;

I try to pull Aegir and max him instead.


I like Isarnia. She is slow but like a ramming pulverizer for the whole team. If she goes off it is hard to come back from.

I have her going to 80 now. 2 Richards sitting basically unused.

just my 2 cents.

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I guess you are talking only about defence.
Richard would be better out of the 2 for that, but Isarnia can help you on pretty much everything.

But if you want a good defence and you are a spender, there’s several better options then them.
Having Guinevre make a 2 purple team a good option for istance.

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Isarnia, without a doubt. In fact, you are just “Isarnia being leveled” away from having a top notch defensive team IMO. Both her & Richard are ‘decent’ (B) as a defensive BLUE, but you don’t need Richard’s tanky stamina benefit with Guin as your tank.

The best tank… make 'em weak w/ Isarnia… and three great damage dealers. You’ll defend many raids with that lineup.

Put it this way… If your lineup w/ Richard came up in a raid for me, I just may attack you because Richard doesn’t scare me… If you had Isarnia there instead, I’d be more likely to say, “Ehh… No thanks… SKIP”. lol


Yeah, I’ll hit Richard all day long.

Isarnia combined with GM and Guin is a bad day.


You just sold it for me Emmons, Isarnia it is !


I like Richard but you dont need his benefits in a defense team if you have Guin.

Isarnia is like Vivica and Azlar: her special is so good that she’s worth the slow mana pace. I hate it when I cant kill her before her special goes off. Unless my Vivica goes off immediately after her, im gettig killed. Level her and make her a flank. Make her rear either lianna or GM and make players tremble


I think is case none of both woul be the wrong decision.

You have guin and GM so the rest is just the assemble of the uninteressting xD.

One other cases i would say richard, but it seems you would get lucky with isarnia here.

I fear hear also if she blasts here def debuff + the inital damage.

I’m so glad the topic of Isarina has come up. I was questioning her speed, and I haven’t really used her yet.

After my bad experience of criticizing Alasie I was afraid to open a thread.

And YES I took back all my negative comments about Alasie. I love her now, especially with her friends Sartana, Greg, Wu Kong and Vivica. Party all day!