Isarnia or Misandra

Just drew Isarnia from Atlantis.

I have 1 more set of scopes for blue. Already have Alasie and Magni maxed.

Misandra @ 3/70
Isarnia @ 1/1 obviously

Who to up? Please state the arguments. :wink:

I have Misandra maxed and I :heart: her :smile:

I run a line of fast mana (2 Tritons & Valen) and Kiril with her, and her special triggers to fill up Kiril 9/10 times.

I don’t have Isarnia, but with the new classes, I wouldn’t mind pulling one for my blue team… Doubt I’d use her much as a Wizard as I have Sartana, but your roster might be different.

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Not sure. Using Misandra at 3/70, her special is not great for me (my luck not so good perhaps).

If I use Isarnia, she would replace Grimm on my roster.

Sartana is definitely my first choice for Wizard class.

I personally go for Isarnia first, but once again it depends on your deck, and now, classes too.

Watch your classes and decide who probably get upgraded first. If Misandra is your first choice for her class, go for her without a doubt.

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Misandra, any day of the week I would pick her over isarnia. At the top levels, you see several misandras, but never any isarnia. Just a tip from someone who is in the top 100 quite often.


Misandra may not be the greatest ever, but giving your whole team at minimum one tile worth of mana is pretty strong. It’s her by a country mile. Isarnia is underrated, but is still too slow to compete with misandra

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When I have some spare raid flags, I go whale hunting and saw many high level defenses having Misandra… Honestly, don’t know why. Never had problems with her in defenses I faced. She was never the key factor in any of those raids, not once… Otoh, Isarnia made me weep many times…


You have already 2 fast snipers soo definetly Isarnia


I agree with @radar1

In a vacuum, I would vote Misandra over Isarnia, but because you have Alasie (who I think is better on defense than Misandra) and Magni, I think Isarnia would round out your team better.


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