Isarnia or magni?

I have summoned both and I’m not sure which one to go with…
My team
Marjana, Leonidas,Aeron,skittleskull…

Trying to see who would fit better

Magni to fill raid’s chest faster and keep cups;
Isarnia to kill titans faster.

Do you think that her ability to debuff makes her more valuable with the people i have?

Defense reduction always helps.
The more the damage you can dish with your heroes and higher will be Isarnia’s impact.

If you can chain Isarnia with Skittleskull you can deal a very high AoE damage, even if it’ll could be difficult to perform on raids.

Do you have any Ramming Pulverizer hero? Defense debuff is a really valuable tool.

Magni is a beast, but don’t discount Isarnias ability in raids, despite her slow mana. I take her into every raid and she ranges from useful to game-changer. She’s just not great on raid defence.

Defence debuff is vital, and she’ll bring out the best in your titan scores obviously, but she has to be fully ascended to be good enough. With Magnis fast charge and defence buff, you could run him at 3/70 alongside and he’d probably be decent, i dont have him so cannot confirm.

Yes, that’s a good observation. I love my Magni, but I think with OP’s heroes, Isarnia to 4/80and Magni to 3/70 makes sense. Obviously get Magni to 4/80 ASAP

This was all useful!! I have no pulverizer hero that’s why I was leaning towards Isarnia…all i Marjana, Leonidas,Aeron,skittleskul literally plays those two… oh and rigard and sabina

More i think about it and more i like Isarnia.

For me she is good even on defence, considering that best raiders has no problems whatever you put on the ground, but an unlucky combo can activate her and turn conpletely the battle.

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Both are excellent, you could use Isarnia more now.

I have all the ramming pulverizers and Issarnia … lost on who to assend after Grimm (I get cloaks out the ying yang on 7* and 8* Titans)

I like Issy - but don’t know how to use her beyond raids… and Grimm is kind of the BDS (blue d— swinging) according to my alliance - but he leaves a big scary corpse everywhere I seem to take him; often before he fires (I’m one cape from maxing him)

I could make a “Many Deaths of Grimm” coffee book…

Do Tibs and Gormek fare any better…

I do ok with Assention materials - few a week. My remaining 4s are closing in on max, my 5 have started just getting to 3.01

Aside from green. I have had 3 shields forever and rarely seem to get green cards.

Hi, I have this same question too, I have both isarnia and magni and only enough telescopes to fully ascend one. Which would fit in my team better?

Other heroes I have are: horghall 4/80, sartana 4/80, Leonidas 1 (but do have the mats to get him to 4/80 just focusing on other heroes), hel 3/70 (not enough tabards), rigard 4/70, Scarlett 4/70, Wilbur 4/70, Wu Kong 4/70, boldtusk 4/70, Sonya 4/70, gormek 3/60 (do have mats for 4/70 just haven’t really used him much)

Isarnia was my 1st ever 5* and have used her on my teams and have really liked her, I find magni keeps dying before he gets his skill off so can’t tell how much I like him.

Thanks in advance, all opinions welcome

Once @ 4/80, either one is awesome… but in your case, I’d give Isarnia the edge… for 2 reasons… 1) You’ve already got a great sniper in Sartana… and 2) Isarnia is a top notch hero to use as you grow because she makes your whole team much better at dealing damage. Her -44% defense to all is pretty epic. In other words, she makes good 4*'s hit like decent 5*'s for those 6 turns.

You can overcome her slowness too. Have Sartana make a hole… ghost a blue set or two through it… set her off… fishing in a barrel… game over

Thats what im thinking. I had only one blue 5* after a year of gameplay so i traded in a couple telescopes in my alchemy lab. Summoned isarnia and magni within a week apart and now have to make a choice until i get two more scopes. Magni is a beast even at tier 3, so isarnia makes the most sense for now.

It depends on what you have and what you need. I STILL don’t have Magni but I do have all the other S1 snipers. I also have Isarnia maxed and use her all the time on attack. But I would never use her on defense.

Slow heroes are IMHO generally more useful on attack where you can better control their use. And Isarnia with her def down over 6 turns is a beast if you get her going.

Magni is more useful than Isarnia on defense if that is your requirement, and he can be a devastating sniper. As a sniper he really needs to be maxed for full potential.

So … your call on which better fits your needs.

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