Isarnia or Frida? Blue 5* Ascension help

Question is whether to ascend Frida or Isarnia…both at 3.70 currently, only AMs for 1 at this time. I use them both in raids, wars, and titans currently at 3.70. Plan to ascend both eventually, but which first and why?

Blue Team (Raids/Wars) Isarnia (3.70), Kiril, Magni, Frida (3.70), Grimm.
Red Titan Team: Tarlak, Kiril, Frida (3.70), Magni, Isarnia (3.70)

Fully Ascended Blue bench: Captain of Diamond, Boril, Sonya

5* at Level 1: Richard, 2nd Isarnia.

Wizard emblems on Guinevere, none in stock.
Paladin emblems on G. Falcon, but have about 200 in stock.

Frida, you’ll get more use out of the blue def debuff the longer you can keep her alive. Plus, every maxed Frida saves one polar bear from global warming. Do it for the polar bears.


Not a hard question at all.

Frida’s debuff 3 + elemental (EDIT)Def Down will make your blue mono shine bright like the sun which is slowly melting Frida’s natural habitat.


Another vote for Frida. Combo kiril frida grimm puts mayhem into enemies team :slight_smile:

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Frida no hesitation. Shes my baby.


I had a similar quandary (just with Alice/Isarnia/Lepus all an option) and still went with Frida because of the blue debuff. Also because if you have a maxed Frida then cute baby seals will smile at you whenever you walk past.

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Ooopss. Baby seals are supposed to be prey to polar bears. lol

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We have a few pulverizers in the game but blue debuffers are only Frida and Arthur.


To me — Elemental Debuffs are like ‘eating your vegetables before desert’ — Each time I got mats; I’ve wanted to do something else on my bench… badly… but getting these out of the way early helps me with every Titan or stack… which helped my alliance…

(I did Frida over Athena; and Panther is getting the nod over either of the two purples that would improve my core team… don’t think either will get emblems in my lineup)

Just need something for green :x

What’s kind of cool with Frida is you get the link buff for fire on the same card…


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