Isarnia or Alasie?

I was very fortunate and pulled Alasie mere hours before she disappears! I currently have 5 telescopes, 9 warm capes, and Isarnia at 3/70. Do I take Isarnia up to tier 4 when I get that last scope or save them for Alasie?? It’s so hard you choose! (Though I’m not complaining ^_^)

Depends on your team make up. In my opinion. If you need a fast hitter, Alasie is great. if you want an AOE/Defense debuff, Isnarnia.

I have Alasie at 4/50 and she has made raiding 1000x easier for me, but I was short a hitter.

I agree with you. I was in the process of leveling Isarnia before I got Alasie but once I got her I concentrated on leveling her. I dont have the scopes to get her to max but at level 4/70 she is a monster in raids.

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If you already have someone to debuff defence in your team (Athena/Grimm) then go for Alasie.

If you don’t then Isarnia. Defence debuff makes a huge difference in titans/raids/AW

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I echo sentiment. I have Sartana and Perseus already for fast hitters (and I have two jackals as well) and while I also have Grimm, given that I have a pair of fast hitters already if I had the choice (I have Isarnia, not Alaise but I have played her in beta) I would choose Isarnia for MY team. Why? Back left corner of raids & AW, and on high level titans her extra attack power, defense and HP (never mind the extra defense down) are better for my team than another fast hitting blue.

On paper though I like Alaise better, for me, she’s just not the right card to make my TEAM better between the two.

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