Isarnia not showing up

Hi ,

I just drew Isarnia from costume chamber but it is not showing in my heroes. Could you please check cause she was the reason I was spending my gems for and was very happy when I got her.

Thank you

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Costumes are a new feature but they are not themselves a hero. You still need to have the original hero maxed in order to use the costume.

I drew Lianna costume but I won’t be able to use it because I dont have Lianna. It’s a bummer.


Oh thank you for the info. I didn’t know that. So will she appear if I get the original Isarnia or did I just spent all that gem for nothing.

Yes, in essence.

You can check on your available/ summoned skns by going to your inventory & tapping the “Costumes” tab


Most grateful for your help , thank you very much

Yes it will. Once you get Isarnia and max her you will have the option to use the costume. It will look like this towards the bottom.


Thank you so much. Most my draws was for the heroes I had so I didn’t realize this situation. Had I know I wouldn’t have struggled for her so much :see_no_evil::joy: You have been very helpful , most grateful.

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