Isarnia, miki or ariel

dear guys i have isarnia at 3 70, miki at 3-70, ariel 1-31; now i am waiting to decide who to give the 6 scopes…

now i have wukong maxed, ranvir maxed , with with heavy emblems. titan is no problem for me.

for ice 5*, i have athena maxed with emblems, so personally i think isarnia and athena have the same function and athena is way better.

but someone in alliance told isarnia is beast, i do think she is great if maxed, also she is my first 5* and till now i did not max her out.

really in a dilemma, if miki work good for titan at 3-70 and isarnia is some how same as athena, so ariel is the best choice for me… i don’t have 5* healer.

can you guys give some opinions,

thank u.

You answered your own question.


I would say Ariel without a doubt, she’s come in clutch for me more times than I can count.

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yeah i thought for 3 days, but still i like isarnia…

Ariel is thought of as one of the best healers go with her

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Ariel would be the best fit for you, but remember it’s a game; if you really want to level up Isarnia instead, you should. Just do what makes you the happiest.

Still, if it was me, I’d ascend the healer. :wink:


I don’t have Ariel :disappointed: but if I had I would give her the am’s in a second. No brainer for me

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Titan specialist are usually pretty good at 3.70.

I would trade you almost any one of my heroes for Ariel. I run my team with all 5* excerpt my ice hero is Kiril who is also my Healer. If i had Ariel in place of Kiril, I would have a very strong team.

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Ariel with no doubt!!

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Thanks guys you give me confidence to start Ariel and max her until the end.
While isarnia and Miki both will be at 3 70 for a long time.
And plus Thorne , never touched him…