Isarnia is very weak for a 5 star

i saw few post above, Grimm VS Isarnia.

ok grimm is a good 4*. but not scarry in raid. I’m more afraid by isarnia, i hate his huge damage and his debuff.

she’s like azlar, a beast with a low jauge. For me, she’s good. and i would have her in my roster.

pair isarnia with splasher like obakan, drake…

As a person who had Thorne, Elena, Rumplestilskin and Boril, make that a double offer! I love Isarnia!

Absolutely! My current team that I use with her is Seshat, Joon, Lianna And Boldtusk…

Fire off BT increasing attack, followed by her deadly blizzard, then the other 3 and their swift sniper shots doing 400% plus damage such a sweet team!

The only thing I’m missing is a defense element for my team, none of my heroes give added defense but I just use the banner for that so it’s still not a problem.

I currently have Isarnia at 3/53 and without a doubt I plan to max her she’s deadly. She is a little squishy but with the right team she’s a force to be reckoned with, and I always have a healer on my team so I almost always get to replenish her health before she gets killed. Her and BT together is amazing.

As someone said earlier in the thread, she’s a great balance to a bunch of fast snipers, and she makes their job easy.

Oh lastly, you can probably give her emblems on the talent grid once you unlock it and enhance her defense a bit.

Yes, but there is a LOT of competition for Wizard emblems.

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Ah that then is a problem lol

I just pulled isarnia from TC20. Hoping to max her soon because she is my first blue 5*


What do “AOE” and “OP” mean??

Area of Effect and OverPowered

I love Isarnia so much i have 2 maxed. (For wars)
She is permanent member of my generic raid team. I combine her and kiril… blue tiles really hit hard. . Firing her followed by a azlar or quintus is great fun.

Not an Isarnia fan i am affraid to say.

Problem is synergy. Defence down is the first thing you want to happen before other specials go off. That is what makes her difficult to play with. She always fires last?

Took hef to 3/70 fooled around a bit but that is where she will be stuck… Now she doesnt make any of the war teams…

Wilbur is just so much better than her on every level…

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Given the state of power creep, I don’t see why buffing her damage from 235% to 255% is out of the question.

Isarnia purpose to me died with wilbur

Then pulled athena which further killed it and thought “well she still has 800 tile damage at 80” then pulled magni and yea now isarnia is just waiting for the glue factory

Wilbur being most important factor for isarnia never being worth scopes

A 4* with faster mana, higher durabiltiy, more upside skill but same purpose and doesnt cost 4* mats like a slower less durable 5* counterpart does, is ultimately the nail in the coffin for isarnia



Check out this link for all the descriptions :grin:

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Screenshot_20190930-115405 Screenshot_20190930-115440

She is still good when you need AoE damage but with tankier heroes lowering the defense (Santa Claus, Wilbur and Kunchen) her usage could have dropped lately.

This is why I chose to take Magni from 1/1 and give him my scopes and leave Isarnia at 3/70. She’s definitely “2nd choice”

It’s so amazing that as time, heroes and gameplay changes you see things completely different, once upon a time I thought she was the best hero ever. Now she just sits and sits and I don’t use her.

She’s too fragile now for a slow hero with power creep and emblems in the game.

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