Isarnia - does she apply defence reduction before or after hit?

Quick question, thanks in advance for the answer. What about Tib, Grimm and Gormek?

After, specials are applied in order, top to bottom and that is why Kage dispels first. So Isarnia shows damage first then defense reduction


They all applies the defense reduction after the hit.

It would be interesting if Valen applied single target enemy debuff then damage.

That would make all the single target enemy debuffs apply before damage and all the multiple target enemy debuffs apply after damage.

Then change Domitia back to single target dispell and have it applied first ( do not get me started on weak color defense buff on an attack hero when all A.I. Attacks are colorless ).

From top to bottom you mean the list of specials on heroes card?

This would be an EXCELLENT balance to come in version 20 :slight_smile:

Yes, the hero specials are executed in the order as they appear in the hero description from what I’ve seen

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