Isarnia Ascension Materials Required

Hi guys, can someone please tell me the ascension materials needed to max out an Isarnia? I just got her and need to make some informed decisions as we all know how hard these materials are to come by. I can of course see tier 1, but can someone let me know the others? Thank you!

Like all ice heroes, the rare stuff you will need is:

Third ascension: fine gloves, compass, 4 warm capes
Fourth ascension: Damascus blade, Tome of tactics, 4 warm capes, 6 telescopes


Ah the elusive telescope. Telescopes are by far the rarest ascension item and blue titans are by far the most common and hardest titan. Life’s a bitch then you die.

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You’ll want to bring green heroes against blue titans…

What do blue titans have to do with telescopes? loot isn’t color coded to titans (except for extra chance on rare titans).

I use all red heroes and do just fine thanks.

Talking aboit rare titans m8

Ok. was confused since the word “rare” was only used with respect to ascension materials.

And using red heroes vs blue titans is gimping your damage…to each their own I guess.

Thank you! I havent had a blue 5 star before

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