Isarnia 3.7 8/8 vs Grimm 4.7 8/8 5

My 1st 4 star with talents vs 5 star 3.7 dilemma. I’ve experimented with both and can’t come up with any conclusions. Grimm is up to 5 talents now.

Well, they do two different things. So it depends on who you’re facing and how you’re assembling your team. But I would add isarnia is probably soft until you can get her to at least 3.70.

She is maxed now and waiting on ascension mats.

Ah. I just got insarnia. I don’t use Grimm much - too soft and often have someone else who lowers defense. But isarnia at 3.70 and slow is very soft. While I don’t have experience playing her that way, she’d go down fast if you’re talking defense.

Not sure I’m helping but my thoughts anyway.

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