Isarina, Leonidas is worth ascension mats?

Hi there.

First I have to say that I have a decent/solid team with all regular level 4* and some 5*.

I just got a Thorne and an Isarina on CT20. Is Isarina worth the telescopes or should i wait for Magni?

Another question, is about Leonidas, with 731 atk, 365% of special and mana reduces to target for 40% AND cure 75% od the damage he causes, does he worth the darts?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Isarnia is a big hitter. Unless you’re going to be buying a lot of shots at higher heroes, then I would take the bird in hand and build her up. You have no way of knowing if you’ll score a Magni soon.

As for Leonidas, I’ve never played with him, but I know there are a lot of mixed reviews here on the forum. From what I gather, those who have him don’t hate him, but he’s not worth chasing. Maybe someone with some experience will chime in.

Isarnia is in my opinion. If her special goes off and I cant immediately dispell it, it causes me big problems. Her large defense debuff would also be very useful in titan fights especially since it lasts 6 turns. Just hit her with a mana portion in the beginning and she’ll go off at the same time as your other blues.

If it was me I wouldn’t hold out for magni. Unless you arent ctp and plan on doing a bunch of ice elemental summons sometime in the near future it may be many many months before you see a magni or an ice hero that is more desirable to you, and in that time + the time it takes to level up a legendary to their high teirs, you may of gotten another batch of ascension items. Of course its all up to you though.

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i got 2 magni out of the blue , both summons almost back to back , one from token off a titan other from video watch … I have leonidas & he is ok , fastish charge & as a sniper can be eficiant finishing , he also handy to fire to drop a hero firing specials as a mana dropper.
I dont have isarnia so no input

Isarnia was my first 5*, and I use her on nearly every raid and titan. The damage is nice, but the defense debuff is brutal

There is one strong single-target hero of each color, but for my team I am happy to ascend Isarnia, because I do not need 5 Magnis (as I have already Sartana and Marjana).

For yellow I have Justice and Leo on 3/70 and could ascend them already for months, but I am waiting for Vivica or a HotM or just to know if Justice needs to be ascended for defense. Yet I can say that Leo 3/70 has been in my raid attack team since over half a year. I even prefer him to a Wu Kong team (which can be stronger, but is less solid). You can always reduce mana from a decisive opponent hero and that is great. If you need a stronger team then do not wait, but if you can afford to wait on yellow and you are as conservative than me, just wait for 10 darts.

Wait for Magni or 12 telescopes. Isarnia is tough but very slow. In PvP enemy Isarnias are almost down, before their special is full.

Well, thank you.

I got Delilah and Musashi maximized so i’ll wait for Joon and keep playing with my 3-70 Leonidas. For ice heroes got Perseu at max so I’ll level up Isarina to max! :slight_smile:

I have a lot of work in front lvl up Marjana, Sartana (in last ascension) and Isarina!

Than you all!

If you really are looking for another blue hero to try to go for and you can do some summons in the upcoming halloween event then I would attempt to summon the hotm aegis. Lots of people hate on him but with the right set up he can land you in the top 100

Well some time ago, I were frequently in top 100. End up in top 7 for short period of time… but now is harder… I don’t have enough gems for summons, tyvm!

I have both ascended, so I say yes. Isarnia for me was a no brainer and Leo for me was a best available yellow decision - he’s better than advertised and that 40% mana cut is huge if you play it right.

take Isarnia all the way up to 4/80! She is indeed slow, so she doesnt fire often, but when she does, it is just devastating. Very useful on Titans! I am actually also taking her on raids, if she fires, it`s in 95% of times a game over.
Leo on the other hand isnt that good after all, he is a sniper, but not that good after all, his attack doesnt cause much damage and his survivability relays on his special and is limited as his def is quite low. Wouldnt take him up to 80, but keep on 70 delaying titans special.

Ok, i want to tell you that my half dead stand alone Leonidas some minutes ago beat the @ss on two full life Delilah and Alasie without huge combo or cascade, just patiently ghost tiles on a not so good board.
Cut mana and autoheal, cut mana and autoheal. Alasie out. Cut mana and autoheal, cut mana and autoheal, Delilah out. Leo full health.

Thats crazy, and it’s not even the first time.

I totally changed my mind on him in attack.
I can even think i don’t need Joon at all. That raid was lost with Joon for sure.


I can echo this. I maxed him within 2 weeks of getting him and put him on my raid team in the place of Justice. I had been struggling to stay in diamond before but now it’s no problem at all, and Leo is frequently the last one standing. The hit is good but the self heal is GREAT.

Same here for Leo. Very useful in raids. His 75% heal just keeps him alive and the mana reduction is one of the best features in raids. Had doubts but very very glad i used my darts on him. i know he has a bad rep but after the upgrades he got i would definetly recomand.

This is a significant departure from your prior thinking :slight_smile:

Yes totally.
I still want so bad Vivica as the only regular healer and i still think that Joon is better, but the difference between them is not so wide right now and situationally Leonidas may be more useful.

So yes, i guess that if someone are waiting for Joon and pick a Leonidas instead, now i would suggest to not wait anymore and fully level him.

I have Leonidas and Isarnia, very satisfied
My Defense has improved a lot.

Leonidas was my first 5* hero. Depending on your team it can definitely be worthwhile. I didn’t have any fast mana 4* heros when I got Leonidas so he was absolutely essential for my game play for a long time for his average mana speed and single target damage. His 75% damage done going to healing himself helps offset his weaker stats so he stays alive longer and targeting the right hero in raids can definitely cripple defense raid teams. But if you already have Chao maxed out it might be worth waiting on a different 5* yellow. Still worth taking him to level 3.70 for wars.

Isarnia was my second 5* hero and I love her. I have plenty of slow mana heros that are meh but her special skill lowering defense 48% for 6 turns is brutal. She is a little squishy but if I can manage to set her off once in a raid before she gets taken out it usually guarantees me a victory. She is also fantastic for Titans for the same reason. I recommend maxing her out as soon as you can.

Don’t discount that 40% mana reduction for Leo either. He is a lot better than most people think.

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