Is Zeline THAT worth it that I should do more pulls?


Hi All,

I had been holding out hope that I could get Zeline this month. Through 12 saved tokens and one 10x pull I got a lot of great cards to round out my 4* fleet but no Zeline.

I could do 4 more 10x pulls. Should I?

Edit: I do have enough materials that I can take her to 4/80.

Thanks for any insights!

As an FYI:

I have 4 TC20, currently running 3 at TC20, likely to take some or all of them out of service to start leveling people.

My current card base is every 4* card except Boril, and Li Xiu. I have many duplicates as well.

My 5* cards are: Sartana, Perseus, Ares, Leonidas, Obakan, Quintus and Domitia.


Is she better than all 4* greens? Yes, by miles.
Is she better than all 5* greens? That’s the only colour you’re missing. You could argue for/against Lianna, otherwise yes by miles.

It’s up to you how you spend your money and gems, but if you’re happy to do it rather than wait on the off chance that Lianna pops out of a TC, then you won’t regret it if you do get her. It’s a case of weighing up a strong green attacker VS waiting til tomorrow to try for a stronger healer.


I don’t want to tell you how to spend your money. But let’s look at it this way:

  1. you don’t have any green 5s. Zeline is a top tier 5 along with Albi and Lianna. even at 3/70 she has her place raiding up with 80s.

  2. there are no standard multi-target dispellers at 5*. If you want one, you’re going to have to event/HOTM pull.

  3. She’s outstanding.

If it were me, and I were going to spend, I would consider doing them today while you still can.

The counter point is that if you don’t have any of the good guardians (falcon,jackal, panther), that’s most likely march event and those two 4s should come with 4x10 pulls. So that’s a tough call since you’e more likely to get falcon or jackal (or both probably) with 40 pulls than zeline is my guess.

But Zeline is better than march HOTM. She’s excellent.


Do it!

May the RNG gods blessing you :face_with_monocle:


I do have two Jackals - does that change anything?


So would you rather try for Zeline, or Falcon + Delilah?

Falcon is pretty meh for anything other than green titans, he’s alright in events but so are most heroes. He’s more of a support hero for other reds, unlike Jackal who is a killing machine in his own right. Of course Panther is great too, but a long shot.
But Zeline is brilliant.


Yes, go for zeline. If you get her early you may have pull nleft for remaining guardians


If it were me I’d pull for zeline, but be prepared to be disappointed.


So hard a decision - really for for the reasons Dante said - I know my chances of getting her are pewp :(. I wish I knew the mechanism for how they were thinking of releasing HOTM. If it was via a TC or something I’d spend the gems. If it’s a g em buy I would debate holding gems - how do you think Zeline compares to Hel/Athena/Ares/Alby - is she THAT good? :slight_smile:

PS - I have Ares, if that matters.


they are different uses. I would rate Zeline closer to that group than the standard heroes.


Thanks, I may try a few more 10x Epic pulls. I have the dark elemental up and have all the standard 4 and 5* from dark so there’s not much of value left there for me.



I tried, I failed. No more gems to spin the wheel.

Consolation prize: Lianna :slight_smile:

Also pulled a 2nd Obakan, ■■■. Now have duplicates of Melendor,Gormek, and some other good 4* as well and the feeder material has Lianna to tier 2 already, lol.


Grats on Liana! If you had to “fail” on getting Zeline, at least you failed in a great direction. :wink:


Thanks - I can put those shields and tonics to use! I was sick of staring at them.


I have the same doubt but I have Alberich! Don’t know if I try Zeline cause she’s awesome or wait and try Delilah cause O don’t have any yellow 5*


For my team, she was the right add, so that is why I tried. I have Leonidas for a 5* (only at 2/60, don’t know if I want to take further) but also use Jackal and Wu Kong a lot. My healer is Ares, even though he only heals himself and two others.


Hehe, I also spent my last gems to try and get her. I didn’t, but in 5 single pulls I instead got both Elkanen and Horghall. I’d gladly swap them for your Lianna :wink:.

I shouldn’t feel disappointed by getting 2 x 5*, but I’m afraid I do. The old guy and Gandalf have served me well, and I don’t think they have to worry about being sidelined just yet. On the bright side, I don’t have to worry about surplus gems, and my tc20’s keep spinning :slight_smile:


The irony of this - in beta I pulled her, twice, one off a single token, one in a 10x pull…must have used all my luck where it didn’t matter :slight_smile:

I’m happy with Lianna, I’m going to shut off my 4 TC20’s to get feeders for her and several others (3 TC11’s, one jogging between TC11 and TC19). I have too many people to level. Once I get them done I’ll re-engage the TC20’s.

I like Horghall, he can be a paint in a raid defense and is a good tank. If he fires, it just makes playing painful if you can’t cleanse.


Lianna was my consolation prize when I tried to get Zeline. I am very happy with my consolation prize. Congrats…:grinning::grinning::grinning:


I like these stories. In my quest to get Zeline I did a bunch of green pulls so that if I got Lianna, hey, I’m good to stop. Got Kadilen. So I like hearing it working out for you guys. Dreamers can keep being dreamers because there is hope, sometimes it does work out. Makes me happy.