Is Yurple a viable option nowadays?

Tomorrow , when Morlovia finally hits, i will be able to ascend Ursena to the last tier .
Now my question is if itd be better to pair her with a rainbow defense or to flank her with Joon and Mist or c.Li xiu and c.tibs .

Something like that

if going rainbow i can put better heros overall like Vela , c. Melendor , c. Little John, Boldtusk , joon , rigard i dont know.

After finishing Ursena i will work on JF .
I imagine a core like

Jean francois - Ursena - Vela

What’s your goal?

Diamond chest everyday?

If so, I’d go with your best team rather than favourite formation.

Ursena flanked by Joon and Vela should be pretty decent if they’re maxxed.

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Sure , they are maxed and with some emblems.

But who go to the wings is the matter hehe . I dont have good greens or red hitters(Kalile and Hansel or Caedmon)

JF to the wings when maxed?

Hansel is decent with blems. Maybe rigard?

But yeah, wings are tricky without fast hitters

Joon, jeanfrancoise, ursena, vela, otherguy

Should be totally fine.

Or you test it for fun with:
Joon rigard ursena vela jeanfrancoise
To make some poor guys stack more yellows and see how it works.

I use ursena in defense, i dont flank with yellow to encourage yellowstack.
I dont use double purple, as it seems to me that its too easy to monostack yellow and beat me :slight_smile:


Thanks guy. This i will show you is a future plan . I think the next month when i finish with JF.
But there are some samples of teams id like to try

The c.rig and c.tibs teams tempt me because with two purples im telling the other player “stack yellow”
this way i can make my ursena shine and protect my Joon.

The other options are a rainbow one. One with a healer and the other with a hitter/mana control

To me, the biggest problem with that defense setup is that Tiburtus special would most likely go partially wasted.

Ursena would greatly benefit of having C. Rigard and C. Tiburtus shooting before her, but it’s unlikely to happen with that deployment.

I would probably go with C. Melendor, JF, Ursena, Vela, Joon

Joon JF ursena vela hansel

Thats my choice because.

  1. Rainbow (no real chance to stack up against you)
  2. All 4 fast behind the tank
  3. Hansel is fast enough to fire at the side and he may block attackers if your lucky
  4. No healer needed from my point of view. MelendorC can just be dispelled and does nothing and could even purpously be played tiles on


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