Is your $¥£€ investment in the game keeping you playing?

Are you still happy playing empire and puzzle, or someone of you are like me playing only coz have spent bunch of money, and dont want to cancel the game coz feel sorry for the money you spent.


I feel pity on players like you and many who complaint about money and all but its upto u wether have spend or not…Itsa game enjoy it like a game be happy with what u have… If u lose ull juat drop cups or lose war nothing muc than this…Crack this simple theory and enjoy game

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i’m a professional musician. there are days i want to light my instrument on fire.

it happens to everything i enjoy, but it doesn’t change the fact that, at root, i still enjoy it and would much rather have it in my life than not. i can’t think of anything in life that is all good all the time with zero drawbacks and frustrations.


On a scale of 1 to 10? 1000!!!


Do you get your money back if you continue playing?

For me yes I’m still playing because for me it’s still one of the better mobile games and I have some great people in my alliance and all over the game and forum.
I spent some money in the past, I don’t do the that nowadays and if the game would make me more frustrated than happy I would look for something different.

I enjoy the game. I’m amazed at the number of people that don’t enjoy it and still play.


No, because I don’t invest my money in this game :innocent:

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Maybe I can put it a different way…

Yes, I still play because I enjoy the game.
Yes, I do feel like I have an investment and that is an anchor for me to keep playing.

If the above wasn’t true, then I would be playing and spending money on other games. Some that could possibly be better. But if I did that, it would be another investment starting at the bottom so best to stay where things are “good enough”.

Some may see that as sad, but I feel is a truth for many of us.

If or when the game is no longer fun for me, Ill hang it up and I will never play a game like this again.


and the hardest thing is to stop spending

But it is also the greatest feeling in the world once you quit spending! No more monthly allowance!!!

I suggest find an alliance where there is no pressure and nobody spends

If you stay on a top alliance where everyone is getting new heroes and spending it might be more tempting

Once you feel you are not getting the return of the game, be it in heroes becoming obsolete, or new cards that are OP, or in the dubious balancing of cards, or new features that are not helpng in quality of life, limit breaker, take a step back, work with what you have, find other people in the same boat and start rowing along! Or take the highway and “adios muchachos!”


Yes and no.

I mean, part of me don’t want to lose everything i invested on, money included, if not i really come to hate this game (which i don’t for now).
But i’m quite passed in casual mode.

This week i was about to spend for Vahlalla and chase this fr’kin Almur that eludes me, and then thought to myself “…but who cares?” and i spent that money on another game.

It was… great.
After so long, i finally felt i spent my money in a better way, get all the things i wanted (still a gacha game) and that game deserved every single penny.

So it is an investment, as long as you don’t invest in something else.

Then you feel much less tied on it.

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I’ve never felt like the money I’ve spent on the game is an “investment”. To me its the same as if I went to a sports game or a music concert. It costs big bucks, gives me entertainment, but no long-term benefits, and I certainly can’t keep any of the players/musicians :grin:

Considering I don’t actually attend sporting events or concerts, I’m not as concerned with the money I spend on the game. It’s keeping me entertained and once that stops, I’m not going to worry about the money I’ve spent.

That being said, I don’t spend money chasing any hero and gems purchasing isn’t my preference. I’m more of a sucker for loot tickets and WE flasks.


I don’t spend, I just treat this game as a way to pass the time, to compete against myself by seeing how I can improve through time, and by hanging out with my alliance.

I keep my expectations reasonable - I know I will likely not ever place in the top 1000 in events, for example. Fine by me.

I try not to stress about things in this game… after all it’s something I play when I’m sitting in the train.


I have never put any money in the game. I cut back on time when I felt it was keeping me from other things. I play less than I used to. Because it’s OK not to fill both chests every day. It’s OK to go to sleep when you’re tired rather than fight it because you’ve got some WE left. It’s a game. Enjoy it or dump it. It may be part of your life, but certainly should not be a critically important part of it.


Can I suggest you lookup a thing called “Sunk Cost Fallacy”. What you have spent is a sunk cost, you cannot get it back. If you no longer enjoy the game, don’t play. Money spent should be irrelevant


I still enjoy playing some content in the game.

What I do not enjoy is the limited windows of time given to us to play that content along with the amount of time required to complete the content. The game tries to dictate when the player should play instead of the player deciding ‘I would like to play now’.

I play casually now, so it no longer matters whether the window is open or closed for the content I want. I waste WE and raid flags regularly along with missing days of tournaments (or their signups). However, it is a shame that I probably miss some content that I’d like to play but am not willing to play on the game’s schedule. I started signing into wars, but I’m not sure I’ll use all flags.

Life in a retirement alliance :open_hands:

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@Cross Good question.

I haven’t spent much so no, the little money I’ve spent isn’t keeping me in the game.

I think I have a few things I’d still like to do before retiring.

@Kikyo Retirement is very nice. :grin:


No. I treat that expenses as entertainment fee and stop playing (or paying on) the game if get frustration more than joy. There is not only this game in the world and you can’t get even a pixel when SGG shut down their game server in future.

If talking about my heroes roster, player level and alliance, yes I will keep playing the game. Of course will I keep paying on that is another story…

When i first started I spent a fair amount. Curtailed the spending to VIP, POV and cheapie gem deals for about a year. Amounted to maybe 25 bucks a month during that time. Seemed like a fair amount to spend on a game i enjoyed.

Beginning of this year i had some extra cash so did a few 10x & 30x pulls on s4 and costumes netting me 2 5* costumes and 0 other 5*. At that point I went to VIP only until my base was finished. That happened so I’m f2p now and will be partaking in a 6 week vacation (been planning it for eons but with this pesky virus thingy going around its been delayed for 18 months from initial planning).

This vacation will be my test to see if I want to continue playing come end of august when I’m back home. I’m swapping to a new phone this week and I will not be re-installing the game on it.

If i do decide to call it quits, I have no regrets regarding the money spent, just regrets of the results of that spent money.


You don’t own your account. It doesn’t belong to you. It is stated very clearly in Terms of Service that your account belongs to SGG.

The money you spent … well, you spent on pixels that you don’t own, have no right to claim and have no recourse to sue for ownership unless you can show proof of ownership in some way.

Therefore you don’t have an investment per se. you have only donated money to Zynga and SGG for the entertainment that they provided you with via this game. That’s all.

What you have lost that is more important is TIME. Money can be earned back. Time, however, is irretrievably lost once gone.

If you no longer feel any interest, passion, happiness, joy or anything positive with regard to this game, I suggest that you uninstall the game and go try other games. Or do something else in Real Life.

There are many clones of this game. Some just as good, all things considered. Some worse. Some decent clones don’t need you to spend money at all if you are prepared to take it easy and slowly climb. Player gets FREE summons tokens in their loot.

Before you uninstall, if you do decide to do that, but would like to have some happy memories of this game, go ahead to SS your roster, your favourite heroes.

Put all into an album. And then watch that happy slide show. When you miss this Game that used to bring you so much joy before the quest for money ruined it.


That’s why I’m not playing it anymore :joy: This is a SaaS game (i.e GaaS). If you want to be competitive you must pay just to cut on your “technical debt” (aka getting a competitive rooster/troops/buildings) and once you get to the level that you actually enjoy playing, you need to continue spending to be at that “sweet spot” :man_shrugging: