Is your alliance falling apart? Let's merge!

– update –
We have joined forces with another alliance, which fears none!

Our fearless leader recently left his post, and with him, several others left.

Now, we are looking to bring in 15 or so new members!

If you are interested, look up Knights of Old.
We still have a solid group of players left. We were previously a top 100 alliance, as high as top 50 at one point.

We will likely not strive for that now, at least until we can get reestablished, but we would like to remain competitive.

Preferably players with 3900tp or higher, but we would probably consider 3500+.

Go Rin No Sho - main alliance 1800cups, secondary alliance open to all ✌️ hope you find your match, failing that, we will take 6 of you. We recently started a casual 2nd alliance and 9 members went over there.

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Dark Necessities did the same and we are looking for 8 members…Taking down 8-9* Titans 1000 cup minimum.

Ruuuude. :smile:
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We have space for 9ish. Previously a T100 (highest was #6). We can chat offline if you are interested in exploring.

We are a new team. Recently, we just went under a 6 team alliance umbrella. We could maybe make room within our alliance. We are 1 team under the umbrella. Line: ghostnamepbj me if you are interested.

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We would love to have y’all join our ZERO family! I’ve seen your alliance around and come up against several of your alliance members in raids. @PatB will help get y’all settled if you decide to join us :blush:. Hope to see you soon!

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Search for ButterflyMetamorphosis alliance project in the forum.

Thanks for the offers! After some short deliberations, we have joined up with Fear None.

Hey Boom,
It looks like I was the last man standing. Let me know if room opens up. I’ll wait a day before I start looking for another Alliance.

Sorry, we jumped ship pretty quick. I will PM you if a spot opens up!

Whats your TP? I have 1 spot open, we are in a 6 team alliance. Line: ghostnamepbj If you are interested… BECOME A HORDE MEMBER!

If they are active, we maybe able to place the rest of your team.


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Actually, I can’t PM on here, it seems. :pensive:
There should be a spot soon. Rejoin KoO, if you’re not settled in a new one yet :wink: Someone can let you know there!

I know knights of old became on some spot of top alliance in the past. What happen? now the last time i checked it only has less than 5 members. May i know the big drama that made mass exodus?

No more drama than what is in first post :wink: It was just unexpected. Leader needed a break. Enough left initially that it was easier to merge than to rebuild, and no one really wanted leadership role.

Hey JT1065. If you haven’t found a new alliance yet, consider joining Flaming Kittens. We are a splinter group – our former leader wasn’t booting out players that weren’t playing all their flags, so we left and started a new group. We have 100% war participation and a lot of fun. We are respectful and encouraging to each other as well.

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