Is Wilbur’s Spirit Link on enemies a buff for Buff Booster Raid Tournaments? [Yes, it is.]

A alliance member had a question concerning Wilburs shared damage for enemy’s and the buff boosters for the tournament. I dont have him myslef so im not able to use him and a debuff hero like Sonya to get the results myself. Really it has myself wondering too for facing him. So is it a buff or ailment? Ignore vote. Not sure why it added that or how to remove it.

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It’s a buff.

I took care of it. :slight_smile:


Thank you. For anyone that comes across this the answer is yes his shared damage for enemy’s is considered a buff.

Thank you and thank you

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Does anyone know if Buddys minions are a buff?

I’m hoping it is and that his minions buff, too. Hope we get an answer since I want to use him!

If I recall correctly, minions are not considered a buff.

I started to say, “If it can’t be dispelled, it’s not a buff.” (Minions can’t be dispelled, ergo, they are not a buff.) But then that got me to wondering about element links, which iirc, can’t be dispelled, but should probably be considered a buff. Doesn’t affect this tournament, since I don’t think any four-stars or below have element link, but I’m kinda wondering now. Could have already been answered elsewhere, though.

Minions aren’t a buff, or a status effect at all for that matter. They don’t count.


Whether it’s dispellable isn’t really relevant.

It’s just any positive/beneficial status effect.

These are positive/beneficial status effects. They count.


FTR Family bonuses do NOT count as buffs either, since this question is related to Wilbur.


Good point! And isn’t surprising, since they’re not status effects.

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I may be being a numpty here, but does the shared damage to the enemy benefit them? IE Wilbur is adding buffs to them too.

Yes, Spirit Link/Shared Damage is a buff, even when it’s put onto enemies by Wilbur.

Thanks, wow, you’re fast!:yum:

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