Is Wilbur comparable to Tarlak and Athena against titans?

Just looking at the view from the 7DD / @Anchor list…

I see that for fighting titans the three above are rated A+

Does that mean that Wilbur is preferable over 5* A rated other heroes? And should he be in every Titan team? Just wondering.

I’d say only a must in green and maybe red titans

I’d rather fill that spot with the strong colour hero

No. He’s compensable to Isarnia, Gunnar, and Kiril combined… but better. Power creep is a thing.


That’s a good argument for why he should be used lol

Not comparable for the increased damage modifier but for sure he is the best survival kit.
And he is the best in preventing kills… plus, dead heroes cast no specials.

In every titan’s team over 8* if you doesn’t plan to have a heavy items usage.

He does increase damage (indirectly) since he decreases enemy defense by 44% at most. I find it very useful when coupled with his ability to increase team survival.

The question were if he were comparable to Athena or Tarlak and while it seems pretty obviuos that his -DEF will increase the damage it doesn’t hold a candle to them (on damage modifier).

On survivability it is another story.

Just use both damage increase and defense debuff, Wilbur and Tarlak. Although Tarlak and Athena are rare heroes. Wu is the next best and available option. Add in a BT or Kiril to make it more interesting. At least BT/Kiril/Wu can be trained or more easily obtainable.

All 4* - Wilbur + BT/Kiril + Wu

If you have all 3 activated, your hits should be pretty awesome unless you get a crap board.

Athena is super awesome for defense debuff (the most extreme in the game so far)
Wilbur is great for both debuff and survivability
Tarlak is a better version of Wu without the miss but difficult to obtain

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