Is war chest participation still reset when you leave an alliance as of E&P V17?

War chest participation in V16 was reset to zero when you left your alliance.

I saw an indication from ?beta? ?V17? that the mechanism was changed so that if you left your alliance this would now happen only when you were in war in another alliance.

i.e. you could leave your alliance between wars, come back for the next war, and maintain your war chest.

I don’t see it in the release notes. @Petri, can you confirm whether this change made it in or not?


This is not included in the 17.0 update


Thank you for the confirmation, and thank you devs for working on it!

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SGG should recompensate all victim players. They lied us by not giving info about war chest participation canceling. They tried to explain by their support that it wasn’t bug, but was “intended to be this way” (quote from my mailing with support) and leave us with empty hands.

Or just stop trying to make players stay in an alliance…

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