Is War Chest Loot a Joke?

Something must be broken here: 100% participation, but 5 gems and 2 tokens. That’s not worth the wait.

I am pretty sure the loot in the war chest is partly determined by how many wars it takes to fill. In other words, if you win 5 wars and fill the chest, the loot is better than if you also lose wars…

Almost had identical war chest today - tall boots, chainmail, scabbard and some tokens. (100%)

I am ok if other chest are crap (takes max 5 days to fill for titans) but war chest takes statistically one month to fill and get garbage like that is really sad - better not have it at all then.

Sad if true : P2W players in big alliances have always big loot, including non farmable items, and smaller (but still active) teams just get garbage.

It took us a month to get our war chest full ( 5 victories, 4 defeats )
Though some of us got fine gloves or a compass, I still have better loot in my daily monster chest.
War chest seems way underweighted in my eyes.

Has nothing to do with P2W - loot rolls are always RNG - that is why the hardest hitters on titans don’t automatically get better loot than the rest of the alliance.
Your daily monster chest must be above average then, because mine sometimes only gives me ham, iron and 2 jewels - period. It is like a roll of dice - sometimes you roll all sixes and sometimes you have crap. But you lost nothing - quite the contrary, you always get something.
But people just really like to complain - SG gives an additional chest for loot and what happens? People complain.

Thats not true i accidentally left for about 5mjn on accident ( phone in pocket while on alliance page) and had 96% participation

I’ll just put this right here…

Right. A good chest in 1 billion bad chests means exactly 0…01%.

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