Is War Chest Loot a Joke?

We just went 5-2 in our last 7 wars and when I opened my first chest I could not believe how bad the loot was…

1 Scabbard
1 Tall Boots
6 Replay tickets
2 Turtle Banners
5 Gems
1 Regular token
3 Atlantis tokens

Absolutely nothing good for something it took weeks to open. Like, regular monster chests give better stuff often times. Doubling the pile of garbage != good loot. I was expecting at least 1 non-farmable item.

What the heck SG…


In this thread War chest tracking you can see that the loot actually does not appear to be bad for a lot of players. In fact, it’s pretty good and occasionally it is magnificent.

Unfortunately for you the RNG worked against you. May your next chest be filled with whatever you’re looking for! :pray:


That is incredibly bad luck then. Maybe I should do a 10 pull Atlantis since I’m due some Karma here…

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I’m there with you, my war chest was on the sad side, my titan chests, elemental chests of late have been farmables. I’m not going to put you off your pulls, but despite feeling like I was due some luck my atlantis pull was an Ulmer… so go into it with realistic expectations please :wink:

Edit: and yes, it sucks when a chest that takes more effort to fill is hit with the whammy stick, but SG seem determined to keep rewards random so it is what it is. I’m sure my crummy titan & chest streak will end… one day. But it wasn’t today :sob:

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Got another Kiril with my first atlantis. No complaints there. Now to pull Athena plz…

Maybe you left your alliance the last 2 or 3 weeks (just for for one titan or any reason) so your chest was not 100% of participation even if you did all the wars…

No, I’ve been in my alliance since day 1. No changes there.

Even if you leave the alliance for 5 minutes the chest will set your contribution to 0. Or if you joined the alliance after they had already filled most of the chest your contribution will be low.

You can still get completely crummy war chests with 100% participation.

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I understand that but I never left the Alliance and I’ve been in it since the war chest started.

It’s just bad luck guys.

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Yup, just bad luck. Some members of our alliance collected epic tokens and high level ascension materials. I received a 3* ascension item, I think. Some players received nothing noteworthy. It’s randomness at work.


Yeah…bad luck. I got pretty good stuff in my last war chest.

I think at least two 3* non-farmable asc items.

On another not-so-related note, I fluked a tonic from coming 9th place on an 8* titan.

So yeah, very random.

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Yep, random. However… sue me but I think something that takes at a minimum a week to get should probably be a little less random. Just my 2 cents…

The are no guarantees in E&P. If we could be certain that war chests would produce very high quality loot then that would be a dramatic deviation away from the way things work in every other aspect of the game. I don’t think I’d be in favour of that.

My avatar may have Ace Attorney but I’m not interested in suing anyone on this forum :joy:

I think the only way to make this game less random is to spend a chunk load of money (maybe $1000) and depend on mass rerolls to squeeze the probability you’re after (which you should get unless you’re very unlucky)

Otherwise you can use the power of patience and hang around for a year like me and you’ll definitely get unfarmable 4* mats and probably at least 1 5*, maybe 2 or 3.

I got great items in my War Chest. I got 1 compass, 1 Mystic Rings, 1 Axe Attack, 5 Gems, 1 Summon Token, 1 Epic Hero Token, 3 Loot Tickets, 1 Trainer Hero, and 2 Atlantis Coins.

War chest was crap for my whole alliance, expected better for how long it takes to fill.

Don’t make the mistake I made, which I didn’t realise. You get items for winning the Alliance War and items for getting 25 points to open War Chest.

Yes, both were crap.

Sorry to hear, hopefully to get better items next time.

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