Is Vlad worth leveling up?

Hello everyone! I’m thinking to work on upgrading & feed Vlad to use him during events only. What is your opinion about it? ( I do own already 2 other Dark 3* heroes fully loaded)

He’s a shower not a grower…lol. it depends on your lineup and where you are in the game. He’s a 3* so not really useful unless you’re still new to the game, 3* challenge or still working on your bench for AW.

I, personally, would rather level up Balthazar for the attack, Chochin for the mana gen, Gill-Ra for the cleanse and/or Tyrum for the dispel.

What Vlad brings to the table is unique, but that’s about it. His stats, for a 3*, aren’t too great at all. His health steal might find some value in the challenge events, but other than that I don’t see him being all that beneficial.

Then again I only use 3* for the events, and I fed away all of my Vlads so I haven’t seen him in action personally, so maybe he’s better than I think idk.


I’m doing this right now, here are the reasons:

  • Not the best purple (like Balthazar or Tyrum) but could be useful for color stacking.
  • Very fast mana, and that’s a very good thing.
  • 3* don’t consume many resources.
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I think he’s junk. No direct damage and no utility makes him a rare D tier in my mind.


Totally agree with @RandaPandah about Vlad being unique but not very practical. And @Wharflord nails the lack of direct damage and team support for his special.

That being said, I’m leveling mine up anyway because he reaches 855 HP when fully ascended and that means staying alive longer in Wars and Event Challenges.

Vlad is cool… but useless. He doesn’ do s*it. I wouldn’t go for him. Take Balthazar instead

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I pulled 4 or more Vlads.

If I really liked him I would have kept a duplicate or two.

If I planned to level him up and use him in events, I would have fed the spares to him to make sure his special went up.

I didn’t. I fed the spares to Khiona, and I’m keeping one just because I’m an incorrigible hero hoarder. (And maybe SG will realize that he’s as bad or worse than Renfeld and decide to buff him someday, tho I doubt it.)


Oh my God you are also a hero hoarder. It is nice to meet my kind :joy::joy:. I have two Boomers, Vlad and 2 Gll-ra. All unleveled.

Vlad once won my alliance a war… used him with my last flag against a Sabina and a Li Xiu with field aid. But that’s very situational, and has happened like once in 40 wars.

I would level him IF I had no other Purple projects at the time (that’s what I did, I had literally no other Purple 3* 4* or 5* to level except Prisca, and Vlad > Prisca especially as I already had Renfeld).

link to my war story: Vlad won because of his heal steal and high health

other than field aid wars though, I struggle to find a use for him. and as my bench of heroes has grown… I haven’t used him again in war.

Gil-Ra is amazing…the other two, not so much.

No, I have him at 3.50. I am tempted to feed him to layla and level her up and even as a 2* she’s more useful. That’s no joke. Every other purple is better. Even gil-ra.

Do not underestimate Gill Ra - in Rush Attack tournaments she is like little Santa.

Talking about Vlad, I pulled few past year and fed them all. No regrets. Didn’t even pull this year. He’s the only very fast purple. And that’s it for the pros.

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I am leveling him up because, you know, I just have to have them all xD I would never expect to use him anywhere in the game.

But Gill-Ra is very slow!

Gill ra has uses though. I am serious that I’d rather keep layla instead of vlad. He was my 1st event hero last year and he was in my alt account. I was thrilled then and I also got Aegir last year too. Luckily Aegir was fixed, vlad not so much. As a 3 you won’t regret it since its not much in resources and no mats. Dawa, Renfeld, friar tuck, we’ve all leveled one but at that level I don’t regret it. Really even 4* aren’t horrible if you make a mistake. Its the 5s where it becomes a problem since the mats are so rare.that’s why the forum gets so many questions about who to level.
And if you’re a collector that makes sense, gotta catch em all…lol

I’m going to close this thread noting it’s age and refer people to this one.

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