Is Vlad a good Rare hero?

Hi :slight_smile: I’ve got another new rare to ask about: Vlad.

What I’m working on is a collection of 5 rares of each color, specifically for the monthly challenge events, so I can stack a few or even up to a complete monochrome team of any color. Maybe a little excessive, but I’ve got the space, so why not. So in purple I’ve got a couple Balthazars, a couple Tyrums, and an Oberon (who is already partway leveled because he was one of my first few), and now I draw Vlad. My feeling is that I will want to replace Oberon with Vlad, and in fact, if I should get another Vlad, replace one Tyrum with a second Vlad as well, since Vlad seems to me like he’d do even better in multiples.

What do you think? How would you rank Vlad compared to the other dark rares? My hunch is that he’s probably right up there with Balthazar as a solid grade A hero, but his special is pretty unique (among rares) and without any experience with him, I can’t be certain.


There are other better ones. He is just crap to be honest.
I had 8 of him last week. Fed 7 of them and kept 1 for collection.


Yeah, looking at him again… when I first got him, I thought he had a crap special, doing almost zero damage. But then I thought it must be that one he’s leveled up, he does more. If that was really true, then he could be pretty good. And that’s what I was basing my plans on.

But now I’ve gone and looked at the fully leveled version of him, I’m shocked to see that even fully leveled, the most damage he ever does is under 60 points per turn, over 5 turns! Not even 60% of his normal attack, which might make a little more sense, but just 60. That’s still virtually nothing, and in most cases wil be literally nothing after enemy armor is taken into account.

And even if the amount of damage was more reasonable, damage spread over so many turns really sucks. Most times you would hopefully kill that enemy with another hero long before all his attack could even be applied. Assuming you even live that long yourself – if all your heroes are as weak as him, it’ll be your team that’s dead long before his attack can ever fully play out.

And he steals a small portion of any health applied to his target, but that’s not even always going to happen, and as far as I can see it’s only likely to slightly extend his life.

■■■ were they thinking when they made him? Honestly, I’m not even sure he’s worth keeping over Oberon, now.


Yes, he is bad and i would say very bad.

I still go for a Gill-Ra as fifth.

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Nope, he’s terrible. More of a novelty hero than anything.

got two copies of him… seems like his special is to make himself last longer to break more wind at the enemies…
there are more useful 2-stars in the game…
he literally does nothing… even his tile damage is ridiculous…

Sounds like even Renfeld is better than this guy :open_mouth:

Got a couple and fed one right away. Keep getting ready to feed the last one to someone as well, it’s not like I’ll really miss him…

Question - when I see steal, I assume that mean that the target will NOT get that % heal and that Vlad (or any vampire) will get it.

If so, think enemy aid in alliance war. The sand heroes are really helpful in that. If they really steal, these guys will be a big help there as well.

remember DOTs ignore troops def, and buffs, and you can stack the attacks on themselves - which for very fast is possible and even not uncommon, especially when paired with 4-11* mana troops.

The duration of the DoT is a bit of a issue - but then again you are more likely to intercept a heal. Which is likely more important than the DOT itself.

I think these Heroes are fine overall, and in certain situations will really shine.


I only see him being useful against strong healing bosses or maybe a raid defense with many healers and accompanied by strong hitters.
The good thing about him is that he is very fast.

Good point about the steal of health, it works exactly like you’ve described, I haven’t try it by myself, but watched Anchor’s video where it’s described. I suppose they will also steal heal aid bonus in wars. I guess it’s not bad idea to have 2 Valerias ready for that matter :slight_smile:

So Vlad is a rare hero who is one of the worse. That’s a way to through gems (€€€) out of the window

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