Is Vivica common to pull?

I just pulled Vivica with a hoard of 3* heroes. I do not see her a lot in game play, is she uncommon to pull?

She’s good - a vanilla hero with a costume. The only 5* cleanse for yellow. Solid base stats.

Her slow speed makes her lackluster for a defense team, where you want one of each color to truly punish the enemy. That’s why you don’t see so much of her - Joon, Poseidon, Onatel, White Rabbit, and of course, Drake Fong, tend to get priority over her.

But she’s good. I’ll be ascending her soon.


As @Dozer said - there are better defenders but she’s very useful on quests and events when you can charge and time her with a bit more strategy.

Her costume has a defence debuff which I think makes her quite a formidable tank


Strange, I see her fairly often when raiding platinum. But if we are talking about how easy it is to pull her, I haven’t gotten her yet over 20 months. But I have 3 Azlars and a couple of Elkanens


She’s my war and raid tank


Got to like that costume, grrrrr!

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With her costume she’s a pretty solid tank.

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She also works nearly unleveled. Mine is only 2.20 yet and served me well starting @3:45.

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