Is Victor better than Hansel

I dont feel that Victor is any better, it just me.

They are two entirely different heroes of different colors, I’m not sure what you mean

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What I am asking is, if you can have only either of them, which One Will you choose and why?

Your answer is expected to be based on your actual use of tHe two heroes, not just on paper.

They Both are intended to deal with a singke enemy in raids, in a different way though maybe for diferent purposes. I am trying to compare their overall usefulness in raids.

Victor is 5☆ dark
Hansel is 4☆ green
Victor can kill Guinny with a good team
Hansel can help killing Guinny with God bless


I know. but raids is not about just killing guin. i am actually getting sick of the guin debates. Guin is more about getting you to.the top pvp.list. I dont see many guin in AW anyway, the platinium level anyway.

Thanks for the laugh @Jedon! :rofl:

From what I’ve read you are correct. Victor was built to be the mortal enemy of Guin. While he is useful just for his special, that’s where he seems to shine (Again, from what I’ve read as I don’t have him).

I do have Hansel, though, and find him useful in raids, wars, etc. Although he’s a 4*, his special makes him more useful than several 5*s that come to mind (cough Thorne-in-my-side cough).

All that being said, Victor has his place and Hansel has his. Both are worth having. It just depends on what situation you’re facing as to which you use.


Saw you posted this while I was posting :smile:

You are correct, raids are not all about Guin. At least, not until you get into Diamond and try to stay there consistently. You will see her as a tank in the majority of teams there.

Honestly, I think everyone including SG are tired of the Guin debates. Victor appears to be one of their answers to those debates. Maybe he’ll help stop some of them :laughing:

I was not seriouse about this … was just trying to get some likes for the joke :wink: :rofl:

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Obviously you don’t see her in platinum, especially in AW at your level

I have been thinking of a list of heros that are anti-Guin, but Victor does not seem to be one of them. He is very fast so he will be easier to get off before Guin, but his attack is weak and her healing is not the most powerful thing about her.

It is hard to compare the 2, but I would take Han. I just fully ascended him and I use him over most 4 or 5 star greens.

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I love Hansel and he is one of the best hero’s to own for progresion and events…I had him literally like the second day I started playing…he was in my atk and defense team before my first 5*…he was there when I doubled up on green with Greg and him… he is the last 4* on my team before I replace him with final 5* for defense and likely attacker as well… he will be there for me in wars…
However at higher level raiding Hansel is squishier and dies easier then most 5*…

I own victor as well and he is going to wait to be leveled soon…

Ignoring their abilities and uses which are vastly different id say victor will be better in the long run for me However Hansel is one of the best 4* in game and I would still level him first all over again.


If I were to choose Id rather have Victor.

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For ROI, Hansel would be a better choice based on his versatility. Fast mana and mana cut. Also only 4 shields to max. Great usage in raids and even titans to a certain extent.

Victor can go next. Victor helps with survivability with very fast mana and def buff. But the cost is 8 tools and 6 tabards.

Also, I would like to add people who tell you anti Guin here are those who have played long. If you have just started not too long and playing at trophy level below 2400, ignore the Guin comments until you are stronger.

Mind you, 5* heroes take forever to max. :joy:

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Yeah holloween hero is weak you can see final stage 4000k can kill easy by 3300k :joy:

About guin i dont’t scared her if you have proteus :rofl::rofl:

event/quest bosses are different than they are as heros. keep in mind healers kill the vamps in the quest right now but it’s the opposite in raids and wars

I heard that was fixed early today. Is that not the case?

i already completed the quests so cant test myself but according to teammates no. regardless though the vanpires seem like decent heros, specifically victor. very fast mana with a defense buff, flank him next to guin, gravemaker, aegir or another tanky hero and i could see him providing a challenge in raids. especially if someone uses 2 victor flanks

Victor is NOT a HOTM… He is a seasonal event hero.

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