Is Vela still the best Druid?

Vela was never the best druid…

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My decision not to strip Albe+19 of his emblems in favor of my Vela+11 was spot on. Didnt use Vela in my regular defense in raids as I was hesitant due to the food and iron invested in Albe just to place him at +19.

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Zimkitha still has my Druid emblems (as does Melendor-C) and very glad she wasn’t stripped in favor of Vela because Zim is proving fantastic in the GTV meta, cleans the mana slow and can kill the minions.

Vela was the best Telly flank on defense, not that she was ever the best Druid. If you don’t have Telly on defense Vela is a decent AoE hero but not amazing. She is slightly more versatile now but not dominating any niche like she did against red heroes prior to the latest round of changes.

If the question is:

  • “Is Vela still the best Druid to give emblems to if she flanks a Telly tank on defense”

Then the answer is:

  • Yes if and only if you want to maximize cups.
    She is not if all you want to do is stay in Diamond AND you have another top notch Druid that you use when attacking

Asterix and Obelix! Huge fan

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