Is using a VPN ok?


I’d like to know if I can use a VPN while playing ? Would SG consider it as multiple connexions and can my account be banned ?

Thank you for your help !

I’ve done it before with no issues. Just be careful as it can affect your connection to the game servers. I wouldn’t do alliance wars through a vpn.


Thanks for your fast and helpful answer ! :blush:

Hello guys. I been using a VPN and it looks like they most have done something and I am no longer able to be behind a VPN any more. Are you guys having the same issue?


Here’s the error I’m getting:


My guess is that your work has closed a port that used to be open, and that that is preventing a connection to the server.

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I’m getting this at home. It worked fine 48hrs ago, but I’ll do a trace route and see if I can figure this out. I wanted to see if anything body else was having this issue as well.

Thanks for replying I honestly didn’t think I was going to hear from anyone. LOL.


That’s odd. Do you have a SG target IP to run the tests against?
Do you have a way of testing without VPN? Maybe try to load blustacks on a PC and see what happens.

This error actually has been reported several times recently independently of using a VPN, so it may be unrelated (ignore the thread title, the cases where this occurred are much broader):

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And also recently:

Also, older:

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My apologies for the late rely as I’m just getting back home from a family walk. I’ll try this later. I’m using PIA and I have it setup on the router itself. If worst comes to worst I just going to have to have it off while I play it.

Thanks, for getting back to me, and for sharing what other encounter as well.



Due to the multiple locations where this has happened, I’m not going to merge for now. :slight_smile:

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I just wanted to give you guys a quick follow up. Due to the amount of users doing gems hacks it looks like Small Giant is cracking down on VPNs users. Nonetheless, a VPN can be re-enable once you establish a handshake with their servers.

I have tried this on both my SM-G965U1 and Windows 10_1803 / NOX emulator.


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OK, so it looks like uninstalling and re-installing fixed all of my issues at home. In case you’re wandering I’m using PIA as my main VPN.



Using a VPN is always beneficial whether you use it for gaming or unblocking or online privacy. VPN works almost with all major devices but it all depends upon which service you choose. Best in class VPNs support even less major devices. So whenever you buy a service check its compatibility.

Yes totally agree with you. I have also been using a gaming vpn while playing online and have no issues while playing. All things seems to be perfect.

I used to have no problems playing the game while connected on my keepsolid VPN. But now the game won’t load anymore unless I turn off the VPN app

Update: switched servers and it works now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well, It depends on your VPN service provider many VPNs are accused of data theft and it is really hard to find a trustable VPN provider. I use Express VPN as it is certified by the government.

I get that all the time and I do not have or even know how to use a vpn… lol just. fyi

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I like VPN too. What do you think about it? It’s safe?