Is Tyr's Ressurection a Buff

Tyr’s last ability states the following:

“If the caster dies during the next 4 turns, they are resurrected in the beginning of their next turn with 32% health. All status effects are removed when the caster dies.”

Is that considered an actual buff I guess? I ask this because I had a Raid and it came down to the Opponents Kageburado and my Tyr. Both had minimal Health left. Gravemaker had fired before he got killed so Kageburado was on fire and would die the next round. Kageburado had full Mana and I knew he would kill Tyr. I was not worried since Tyr had also just fired and would ressurect.

That did not happen. Kageburado fired, killed Tyr and the match was over. That leads me to believe that the last part of his special is considered a buff and Kageburado dispelled that and then his damage killed Tyr.

Just wanted to make sure that is the case and not a glitch.


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Yes it is a buff, so expected behaviour against Kage.

Against normal dispellers, they do the damage before removing the buffs so Tyr resurrects if killed by the special but Kage (and now ametrine) removes it before damage so Tyr gets killed with a lethal hit and stays down


Kageburittuio >tyr

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Oooh… interesting.

So as long as I dispel Tyr before killing him, he won’t rez… is that a correct assumption?

If so, I will have to remember that the next time I face him.

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The only way he can come back if you’ve removed his buff is with the fighter skill, but that is only a chance, not a certainty like his buff

Yikes… so he is a fighter on top of already being able to rez himself? Talk about a double threat.

I’ve seen my own +20 Boldtusk revive upwards of 4-5 times in a single fight.

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Yes. Seshat is also a big threst for him…dispell…and Tyr can be killed. That’s why I really try to avoid bringing my red war team against Seshat wings.

Correct assumption.

@Zerub_Krull Be aware when using Tyr together with Shadereave as his skill Draugr blessing overwrites Tyrs revive special. If they are both charged be sure to fire Tyr AFTER Shadereave.

He is also a good target for Malosi, if you have him. It prevents his revive buff, although you still have to watch for his fighter revive.

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