Is triton overpowered?

Not that i mind but Triton has 300 special and 4 % healing every turn Misandra has 270. Both are fast. I will up him quickley. :slight_smile:

Triton doesn’t heal he increases healing.

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Triton would be good addition to a AW defense team with a lot of healers.

I think i am gonna use him in 4 ster team for events. His special is fabuleus. Like Misandra seems underpowered giving lees damage

I dont see him beeing really good in events. Single hitter thats increases received healing, oftn that addition is useless

I think Triton is the best Season 2 4* hero, Magni’s youngest brother.

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I will definitely be levelling him up but do agree his healing buff can be a bit of a hit or miss. Can make him a bit problematic with BT, who to fire first?

I think I would prefer Wilbur or Proteus over Triton.


Wilbur and Proteus have weak side compare to Triton. Both are average and if you have dispeller ready then both are loosing their special skill. Course Triton looses his special too but only partly.

Triton is nice alternative to Magni. If you have Alasie, Arthur, now Misandra and upcoming Aegir then it is not really worth to fully ascend Magni.

Triton, Wilbur and Proteus are my top 3 from Season 2 4* heroes. I will level up all of them. Especially Triton and Wilbur.

Magni is still a beast on raids and is worth ascending anytime.

Wibur will only loose half his special with a dispeller.

and will lose the other half with an ally dispeller.

You are right, my bad. Anyway Triton, Wilbur and Proteus are big 3 for new 4* heroes

Does Triton’s buff replace sand’s heroes debuff?

Protues easily the best 4* in the game


Sand heroes’ healing reduction is not dispellable, so that would be a no.

I were thinking the same but if opposite effects would coexist… wouldn’t that be a first?

Yes it would, I would assuma that Triton’s effect is blocked/replaced.

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I’m curious whether an Elkanen tank + Triton/healer flanks defense combo would work as well as I imagine it might. I’d try it out myself, but I didn’t get Triton from summons.

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Only Vivica, Rigard and Aeron can dispel Proteus special, and only if he dont block them first, lol.

In every other scenario his skill is simply cancer.

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I got 2 Hel maybe therefore I place Proteus in 3rd place. Like I said Triton, Wilbur and Proteus are amazing heroes. With minimal resources you can get powerful heroes.

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