Is training for 4* heroes at level 13 worth it (vs at level 20)

Like two months ago(ish), I downloaded the Empires & Puzzles app. The interactive ad for it made it seem like a fun way to kill an hour so I decided to download it. Unexpectedly I find it a lot of fun for the most part, and now I’m actually invested in collecting better heroes.

So anyways in the first couple weeks it was extremely fun and easy to progress. Though I still like this game even when I lose, I keep getting my a$$ handed to me in raids, in events (please SG make an novice 2 star category with small rewards for newbie noobs to have fun with) and recently by bosses on the world map aswell if I don’t load up on battle items; so I’ve been working on fully leveling & ascending all the better heroes I have. I also would really like to collect more 4 star heroes and after getting more of those for my teams eventually my first 5 star.

As for my newb question: Im wondering if you long time players know the odds of getting 4 star heroes from a level 13 training camp versus getting them from a level 20 training camp. Based on other threads I’ve found it seems, for the level 20 training camps the odds of getting a 5 star is in the range of 4%-to-6% and the odds of getting a 4 star is more arguable but somewhere in the range of 10%-to-20%. Does anyone know if the latter percentage is accurate and if the odds of getting a 4 is the same at level 13?

Being a newer player the amount of food on trying to get 4 star heroes is very high for me. I’ve read that training a hero at level 20 takes the same exact amount of time as it does at level 13, requires less materials, and only costs 32k more food.

Knowing this makes the expense of time and food spent on training at level 13 feel like a waste in comparison if the odds of getting a 4 star isnt significantly higher at level 13 than it is at 20. It also feels like a waste since at 20 theres a tiny chance of getting a five star hero. Is the elite level training worth it in your opinion or should I focus on upgrading my stronghold and camp level 20?

The chance is somewhere around 5%, so pretty small. I’d say if you are free or cheap to play then it is worth it, you should still rush to TC20 but running TC13 does not really slow your progress. On the other hand if you already have a team (or multiple teams) full of 4* then TC13 is pretty redundant.

Not a waste unless you have tc20 already. I know a few f2p players who love their tc13 since even the 3* heros they get are good for wars, events, or even food for the 4* they get. If your time and food cant be used in tc20 then how are you seein it as being wasted on tc13 if other option doesnt exist

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Yea, TC13 is worth it; mostly because it takes a LOOOONNNGGG time to get to TC20. (If you aren’t playing with the VIP and second builder, I’d guess it’ll be a couple of months between a running TC13 and a running TC20.)

When you have the TC20, you’ll probably stop with the TC13, but the value of getting a good range of 3* options and a few 4*'s while you are building to the TC20 makes the TC13 a good camp to run while building.

I was free to play initially, and I ran two TC13’s and a TC11 on my way to TC20. It was definitely worth it to me to help build a 4* team at that time.

For reference: both TC13 and TC20 take 2 days to train. TC13 takes 70 recruits and 265k food. TC20 takes 100 recruits and 297k food.


If you are ftp ot ctp go for TC 13.
It is only an about 5% chance to get a 4* hero but I will guarantee that you will get one long before you have your TC 20 supplied and running.
And during all this time you are waiting for your stronghold to grow TC 13 churns out 3* heroes ( it finally gave me the long sought after Bilith about 3 days ago) and then ( after 38 pulls for me ) the first 4* hero popped out and it will be leveled long before my first TC 20 is up and running.

And it is a good storage place for recruits.


TC13 is worth it, especially if you are Free to Play or Cheap to Play. It’s what you do with one TC while you’re leveling up your stronghold and one other TC to 20. The third TC can run at 11 to store recruits


2 heroes of 13 trainers

The chance is somewhere around 5%, so pretty small. I’d say if you are free or cheap to play then it is worth it, you should still rush to TC20 but running TC13 does not really slow your progress. On the other hand if you already have a team (or multiple teams) full of 4* then TC13 is pretty redundant.

Thankyou for your input! I appreciate it! I have a bunch of three star heroes in multiple teams because I cant figure out who to ditch but I only have two 4 star heroes right now. One came from an epic hero token I used.

And yup, Im a free/cheap player. I never desired to spend money on gems to summon heroes ($5 for only 400 is nope, this game is fun but its not that fun to me). So I can only get 4 & 5 star heroes from training camps, epic tokens, and when I earn enough gems in game to do the elemental summons. (I may buy the 30 day VIP pass eventually though, that seems like it may be worth it to me)

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Thankyou, these answers are very helpful!

@Decorum, I keep 3 of each color 3* for the rare tier of Challenge Events, even though I no longer need them for raids. I do still occasionally use them for stacking color on titans. I keep:

Belith, Berden, Brienne, and Hisan if you have him
Nashgar, Hawkmoon, Azar and Squire Wabbit if you have him
Ulmer, Valen, Gunnar
Balthazar x2, Tyrum
Bane, Kailani, Gan Ju, and Arman if you have him



Since you have all three, I would like to ask, do you have a preference among Ulmer, Valen & Gunnar for events? I received all three recently in a short period; and since I already have a level 50 Karil I was thinking of only keeping 2 of them for leveling, one of which being gunnar, but Im unsure.

There is a chance I may keep all three for wars since the only other fully leveled blue/ice hero I have is a Ragnhild I got very shortly after starting the game, but even then I still have no idea which two I should work on first.

It depends on the event. I like Ulmer’s defense debuff, but he’s a little squishy. Valen is faster, more durable, but only debuffs one enemy. Gunnar can keep your heroes alive in a tough fight. I’d keep all three, and your Karil since you have him


I’ll give you the advice I give everytime I see someone asking or a new player joins one of our guilds. The best thing you can do when you are starting from scratch is getting your SH and 1 TC to level 13 as fast as posible. Once you have a TC13 you should lvl up another one to 13, why? because, as it’s been said, it takes a long time to lvl up all the Iron Storages, SH and TC to 20, so while at it you should be training constantly.

About the odds TC13 vs. TC20, from my experience I went from random surprises to having to buy extra hero capacity. In TC13 you get 3-4* heroes, mostly 3* (when starting from scratch that is pure gold) and you will probably get a few 4* heroes aswell. Once you get TC20 I highly advice you to move to it, you will get loads of 3s (I won’t lie there…I hate Prisca lol), but you will also get a lot of 4 heroes (I recall having up to 9 Boril, 7 Kiril, etc.). Is that all? NO! you will also get a few 5* heroes every now and then. I’m not very keen of odds because sometimes it just feels it’s way too random, how? I was getting about one 5* hero per month (that’d match the odd given around the forum) but…this week I’ve gotten 3 5* heroes out of the same camp, wich is way off the 5% odd.

That’s my little experience in almost a year playing, TC13 made the difference vs. summons, TC20 made the biggest difference vs. all. So have patience and hope RNG is in a good mood and smiling at you :wink:

Thank you for that one @NPNKY! I’ve kept some of them for events, might lvl them up someday hehehe btw, isn’t Carver any good for events? I’ve kept him but never got to max it, now you left me wondering if it’s worth it or not



Thankyou so very much for the advice! Once my stronghold finishes up its current round of leveling I’ll get another one of my camps to level 13.

I’ve pulled Rigard, Kiril, Sabina and Chao in the last few months running two tc13. I’m about a month out from tc20 up and running.

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Training Camp level 13 is absolutely not worth it if you ask me. In SIX months time with the camp running all the time I received ZERO 4* heroes. So I don’t see that 5% chance anywhere. For me it would have been better to use level 12, much cheaper and can also be used to stock.

I wonder, am I the only one that NEVER got a 4* hero from training camp level 13?

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I had horrible luck, but did get 2 total before I got tc20

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I had ran two tc13 for about two weeks at one point, while upgrading a third tc to lvl20. and no, i did not get a single 4* hero. So you are not the only one hehe

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I got some. I prioritized TC 20 on my alt, still needed about half a year to get there (didn’t put in so much time as in my main acc, of course, and almost no money) and in the meantime I ran TC13. I think I got Cyp, Boril, Melendor, Scarlett, Gormek from there…to name some.

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