Is this what everyone is getting from wanted chests?

This is more out of curiosity then it is complaining. It seems that speeding up wanted chests results in less. Is anyone else getting chests like this?

This is from a monster chest.


looks about right lately. I will finish one in a minute.

Well here it is…


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I started speeding up the chest last week and they seem to get better with time . The first one sped up gave me an epic troop token + some meh loot, then I sped up the chest again, completed it and got epic hero token + some loot. Now speeding up chest seems worthless, haven’t gotten an elemental chest in like a month and the loot is a joke.


At least I know it’s not just me. Before it seemed like every time I spent money all the ascension mats stopped showing up and the chests looked like this. I now see that is not the case but I don’t think it can get any worse then only food, iron, and a
single gem. I won’t be speeding up any more chests and I have more hero’s then I can lv. up. I guess ill be saving my gems for next month.


Yessir! Here was mine:


Look familiar? Monster chests aren’t really a good source of anything now except for food and iron. Expect junk and you won’t be disappointed.


My philosophy with this game is in line with what Lurker said “expect junk and you won’t be disappointed”, however, I was pleasantly surprised the other day:

Hope your normal chests will look the same sooner or later, cause I know mine won’t look like this for months to come!


They should nerf the gem prices as well as the loot.

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It’s your luck. I’ve been speedibg chests for more than a month without any positive changes. :frowning: I’ve got one green chest and troop token from it. That’s all.

Yep!!! Is so bad guys!!! I don’t know why they give those wanted missions… because the rewards are so so so so so poooooor…

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