Is this the fastest special skill level up?

Levelling Victor and he reached lvl 8 of his special skill just as he hit 1-50. I was surprised as normally takes ages!

Any faster??


I got quite close to that with one of my Gormeks maxing at 2-1 — which I guess is technically less XP than 1-50 on a 5*, so whether it’s faster or slower depends on whether you’re thinking about XP or nominal Levels.

This was on March 25:


On one hand

You are not wrong.

On the other hand

Gormek got a guaranteed +1 special skill so only needed +6.

While Victor needed +7.

Many people know how hard getting that last roll can be.

On the Gripping Hand

Did Gormek (4* 1.39 ), or Victor ( 5* 1.49 ), use more heroes XP than needed to increase the skill roll on the last level before ascension?


Gormek 4* 1.39 might need 1x 2* red hero for max level, but uses 10x 2* red hero for +40% skill rolls.


Victor is the current winner, with Gormek as the runner up, while the server tech checks for foul play.


My Mother North is in with a shot!

EDIT: She didn’t make it, got to 8/8 with the ascension


Quick, feed her 4 MoNo’s and beat the OP!


It’s opposite day! I finished my Hawkmoon costume at Special Skill of 3 - only going up on ascension. Didn’t screenshot it though…

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4 MoNo‘s will get her 1/50 too. A draw is not worth 4 MoNos I think :grin:


Hehe, almost EngOran, almost…

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I did this really fast. I remember a thread on thus, but a cursory search revealed nothing. So, here it is.

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Both Joon and Richard have been good boys, taking their vitamins and same-color feeders like troopers


if only this would happen to my 3* heroes

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If I were to do it, I would feed 8 5 star heroes of the same card to the one I intend of maxing, say feed 8 Justices to the Justice you want to max just to beat the OP. It would have maxed her skills before going to the second tier. I just can’t remember whether that is possible total experience points needed for the first tier vs the total experience gained feeding 8 Justices.

But It would be truly amazing if one oan max the skill of the costumed version of a 3 star hero. You would be king.

I had a Friar Tuck with maxed special skill well before he got to 2nd ascension (he was at 2.something when maxed, stayed at 2.28 for a long time, but maxed out his SS before that). I was really wishing that it could have happened to a hero I actually wanted to use, because I levelled him as a nothing better to do project, OCD collector mentality :woman_shrugging:

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Plenty of stories of maxed heroes without maxed talents… but what’s the EARLIEST you’ve gotten a hero to 8/8 talent?

I just recently got my first Lianna to 2/1… and that ascension maxed her talent. All done with feeding 10 on color 1/2 star feeders.

Anyone had RNGesus smile on them even quicker?

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