Is this the best titan loot ever?

I have not ever received 2 of the 4* rare items from a titan, nor did I realize it was possible. An interesting note is that I leveled up on this titan, had some really good hits, and more than doubled the second place score.



I guess A+ isnt so bad after all :slight_smile: Congrats on a really nice loot drop!


This is great loot.
You need to post it on Show me your reward thread.
And brage about it on The Ridiculous braging thread :grin:


Wow! A tome AND a Damascus blade! For many, one or both of those are the most elusive items in the game…Nice! :partying_face:

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Just got poison darts and a damascus blade yesterday off an Alpha Gryphon


It’s actually possible to get up to 3 ascension items.

Basically, the star rating of the titan and your perfomrance score combine to give you your ‘loot tier’.

Each loot tier has a set of number of ‘chances’ for various categories such as food, iron, forge ingredients, summon tokens, gems, flasks and ascension materials.

You got Loot Tier XI here but I think anything from tier IX onwards gives you 3 separate rolls at getting ascension materials.

So, you could lose all 3 rolls and get no ascension materials, get 3 wooden swords or, in what I would image are spectacularly rare chances, pick up 3 lots of top level ascension materials

I’ve had 2 4 star materials and a rare 3 star material from a titan, besting that one by a little bit… only once ever, was a good 6 to 8 months ago.

What??!! @Garanwyn no mathematical probabilities of that happening or anything??

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I had a tonic and telescope once! Couldn’t believe my eyes

We don’t really know the drop rates of 4* AM. If we figure it’s around 4% per slot, that would be about 0.1% probable (1 in 1000 occurrence)

This is the best one I’ve ever seen:


And the rank of the player is just B…

B on a 12* is loot tier 14 though.

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For a B too lol A+ probably got string and some gum

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I await my day to get something like that. Cudos to u.
Much deserved reward

I laughed way too hard. Thank you

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I’ve never seen a Titan at that level?

Do I have to join a different alliance to get Titans like that?

Thanks for the post Princess…I left my Alliance & joined a much better 1, they are active & the Titans are 9 stars & up.

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this is a 3xAM

this is 4xAM

and this is 3+1 xAM (rare); very nice for tier 12