Is this team maxed out good enough for diamond

I will max Sartana Delilah and Zeline up. I have magni at 4-03. I am lieveling gravemaker too. Would this team max be good enough? I am now on 2350

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more than enough I think. For defense I would switch Delilah and Zeline.

On the outside yes.

it will all come down to how you use them.

Team power is a bad thing to go by.

You have good defensive team, very good. About offense hard to say, we can not see your other heroes.

I’m in diamond arena with Rigard 4/70 - Alasie 4/80 - Sartana 4/80 - Gravemaker 4/80 - Vivica 4/40.

In offense I usually use same team. I replace Vivica with Boldtusk, Merlin, Kiril, Melendor or Lianna 3/70. Depends of situation.

Already one week I did not go out of diamond arena. Sometimes I reach top 100, sometimes I’m on edge between Platinum and Diamond Arenas.

This is almost the full spectrum.

From Magni from the first post selected on strength.

You have crazy good team. Just have to level up for more strategic moves. I believe you can compete in Diamond Arena without problems. If I can then you can for sure. Your team is much deeper.

Definitely. I’m using a very similar team, except swap Zeline for Lianna as I don’t have Zeline, and I’ve been blasting through Diamond teir raid teams. Grimm with his defense debuff is great and you should always use his special first. Again it’s all in how you play them off of each other.

Yes, your heroes seems very good.
Sartana - Zeline - Delilah - Gravemaker - W.Panther

would be my final choice

What he said other than G panther for w Panther lol

Good team

THanx for the reactions :smiley: I like them.

Another question: I nearly maxed out Delilah, i maxed out BT and nearly maxed out Rigard.

I’m considering maxing Vivica. Off course if i get Guin i won’t. I also got Aeron. As i’m willing to use Delilah as a tank, it could not be that wise to max vicica. Should i raise her or Aeron?

In that situation, I’d go with Aeron for color diversity.