Is this right? THOTH-AMUN

I was raiding, killed Thot-Amun and he fired his special off after i killed him!
There was a tiny little bit of health on one of his minions, but still that sucks!
If he can fire his special off, when his DEAD!
Is that right, as no other hero does it, once they are dead, they are dead

I still won the raid, but i am wondering if its normal for Thot-Amun to do this?

Are you sure Thoth was completely dead? Not like 1 HP remaining behind the minion?

Because if he was dead, and the minion was alive something is fishy with him.

Did he “die” from direct damage? From a DoT damage?

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He was killed, then i was fired unpon :frowning:

@Sara and @Petri, sounds like the revival of an old Thoth issue

Please send us a support ticket (using the in-game support button, with details of the exact time and date) and we can investigate this.

Sorry i cant remember the exact time, but if it happens again, I will take more notice.


Ok thank you! Please take a screenshots as well, if possible.

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That has happened to me too! It actually caused both r teams to die what seemed to be at the same time but that split second he gets somehow gave them the win. I am happy to hear someone else had that happen and I wasn’t going crazy. I mean I’m not happy it happens at all but I was so confused.

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