Is this regeneration correct? (Alberich regens Joon)


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I was in a raid last night and Alberich regenerated Joon. Which is all cool. However Joon’s HP went to almost full. When he first came on the screen he had a lot more mana and then I watched his mana drop and his HP go up. I’m attaching a screen shot of what it looked like before I attacked again. I can’t understand any scenario how he ends up with 90% health.

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Sabina’s mana bar looks pretty low if not at zero, you sure she didn’t go off while Joon was coming back from the dead? The animation is slow but with the specials going off from left to right, you might have missed it in the confusion and utter disappointment I know you felt seeing Joon come back. (At least I feel that)


Alberich recovers 612 hp points. It’s not a percentage. If joon’s hp total wasn’t that high to begin with it might have near topped him off.


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Also, if Joon was just revived he would have started with 23% hp and then over the next 4 turns he would have recovered an extra 612 hp points.


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I have faced heroes resurrected by Alberich which have more than half health too…:thinking:


OP’s assertion was that Joon resurrected with much more than 23% health. Hmm.


Quoted for truth.

Sabina’s is too low to have done anything else with both Khagan and Alby’s buffs up and a single turn passing, and the numbers on Joon are so close (23% + 42% = 65%) it is almost assuredly correct.


I’ve had it happen where occasionally when a defense special fires, there’s a ~1 second “freeze” where the special animation isn’t shown and any of the hp/mana bars don’t gradually increase, they just really quickly blip to their new value. Literally if you blinked you’d miss it.


Just thought of a question, almost surely not the culprit here, as said above this looks like a clear case of Sabina went off too, but what about troop modification to healing received? I wonder if they might be revived with more hp than the 23% alby does on his revive…?


On second thought I would have to agree that sabina cast her heal too. If you look at alberich’s mana and look at sabina’s they are the same amount. If the screenshot was taken just after the turn when alberich cast his it would make sense that in one turn they both would have the same amount of mana. Had Sabina not used her special then she would have had more mana.


Not sure, not hard to test though on map; good question! If you can’t sort it out I’ll try somethign stupid with Alby and my Aife’s of Doom!