Is this real - co-leader count affecting war strength or loot?

What really has appointed a large number of members as deputy commander has an impact on the strength of the thousands The team we face in war

What??? Sorry, I do not understand what you are asking?


There are people who say if the number of members holding the rank of deputy commander a lot affects the strength of the team facing the coalition in the war

I think he is saying that the amount of co-leaders affects your war score?

I’m going to take an asprin after that.


To the best of my knowledge the number of co-leaders, elders etc have no bearing on war scores or matchmaking.


Yes. You are right. Anytime you do not have leadership, the disorder takes place. There’s no way to reach victory. The more organized the attack, the better chances to succeed. Therefore, more co-leaders mean more brains planning what to do.



Is this real? I dunno


Ummm, no. There is no way this can affect the strength of your opponent.


It does hit your eye like a big pizza pie!


I’ve also heard you get better loot if you’re elder :smirk:

A guy in my alliance has heard it from the leader in his former alliance. And he got way better loot himself when he was co-leader there. It has to be true. :flushed:


No, no, the leader gets the best loot! Our leader gets 4* ascension mats from every monster and raid chest! And two from titan chest!

Great rumors!!:rofl:

Have you heard the one that if you hold your device upside down while raiding it gives better puzzles? At least 5 diamonds each match… :rofl::yum::sweat_smile:

Back to the topic! It would be great, but I can’t imagine why sg stuff would take time to code something like that just for co-leader/elders and after that keep it secret… just for the very few that would found their secret and take advantage of it…:hushed: :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s make everyone co leader :grin::grinning::rofl:

I can confirm co-leads don’t get better loot. One alliance I was in everyone was co-lead. My new alliance we have a handful of co-leads, I’m one of the few, and I still don’t get crap for loot 90% of the time just like everyone else.

PS- mostly responding to tag the thread just in case that changes one day. :wink::joy:

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I do not think it needs all this irony

No, of course it doesn’t.
But it isn’t directed at you, @Panteranera. They are just being silly and having a bit of fun. There is no harm in that, is there?


I honestly don’t think so.

But seeing as @Panteranera’s question has been answered, this thread can probably be closed. @Kerridoc, @Rook, @Zephyr1

Thank you very much I am really trying to communicate with other cultures


And that’s appreciated. It’s not okay for people to “have a little fun” at your expense. Your English is way better than my Arabic!


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