Is this normal? Loosing 310 cups within 3 minutes

Going down from 2717 to 2407 i.e. by 310 cups in 3 MINUTES, this means that you’re opposed AT THE SAME TIME to 11 different opponents, and that, I must say, is an EXTREMELY poor raid management, and particularly unfair because you can loose 11 times with the same level of cups.
In other terms you spend 1 hour climbing your cups by 150-200 and you loose everything and more within 3 minutes.
This is UTMOSTLY a Negative Playing Experience, totally demotivating, and shows extremely poor intelligence regarding the raid management, compared to the rest of the game which is quite good.
For the time being I’m stopping playing to this game, and come back later when this stupidity will be fixed.

Maybe you just have a terrible team?

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Anyway, do you think it’s fair being opposed to 11 opponents at the same time, this is just stupid according to me.
Defending team : Melendor-Aeron-Elena-Isarnia-Leonidas all maxed

Happens to me as well almost after every chest. When you’re above 2700, the air gets thin…


No, maybe you should get a better team?

According to me, for a fair raid management, when your team is opposed to someone it should not be available to another opposition until your new cup score is updated depending on the last fight.
Being opposed 11x at the same time means that I loose cups 11x based on my score at the beginning of the fight, so I’m falling from 2700+ at once rather than step by step based on each new cup score following EACH fight.
You understand now what I mean by poor management?

you don’t understand the point

Isn’t it true that when you are in the top 100 you can be attacked while on line. So how do you know that all those attacks were done in the 3 minutes you were off line. Plus the difference between 2700 cups and 2600 cups isn’t all that great

I was 3 min offline, and attacked 11x during those 3 min

It seems unfair. Maybe some were revenges. Personally, I think people should be able to take revenge when it is convenient for them.

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None of those 11 attacks were revenge

Well, when you get above 2700 the sharks are circling. If I saw that team available for raiding at that level I’d definitely go fo it, as once you killed the right hand side all the hitters are dead and then it’s just cleanup. So people are probably waiting for an opportunity like that without a really nasty tank. Elena is slow and squishy. I’d take three blue two red with Mitsuko and that team would very likely fall

As far as that many attacks in 3 minutes though, I agree that seems undesirable. Do you have a screenshot of the raids to confirm that timing? Even with a matchup that is favourable like that it seems unreasonable to be so heavily dogpiled. But I have seen similar drops before.


The times are in the tower history. I would request a change. Like you said they can exclude teams are being attacked.

Definitely normal. Here’s a nice 289 cup drop for me within a 5 minute span yesterday…

Just gotta deal with it. Leaderboard is ever changing and that’s part of the appeal of the game.


I guess my point is a screenshot would confirm it, and that would be something to use as evidence of a poor mechanic

What i never understood is that you can be attacked when offline but cannot revenge if the opponents are offline???

Opposite, barring the opponent being in the Top 100, you can only revenge if the opponent is offline.


It is normal for me. I have a team that is not capable of sustaining 2700 cups. Sometimes a few lucky boards will get more cups than can be defended and like stated above the air is thin in that zone. My cups drop very quickly down to my sustainable level. I enjoy the high however brief and once back to my normal spot (low diamond) I keep working on heroes who will hopefully defend my cups better in the future. Don’t worry about the fairness of it too much, and try to enjoy your high ranking while it lasts, knowing many of us are in the same boat.


No one is capable of sustaining 2700 cups indefinitely. Teams are too easy to beat, and there are a lot of people in the 2500-2600 region who will be happy to take a shot.


Could see more of two attacks from different players within the same min, the fact that within top 100 can be attacked online, makes multiple attacks within the same min possible? It’s like being a Titan.

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