Is this month the last chance we have for a 2017 HoTM?

Perseus the last hotm we ever see from 2017?

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My thought is that they may restart the 2017 & 2018 HotM in Atlantis and possibly do 2019 HotM when Season 3 portal drops.

This is why I keep using the hypothetical/projected clause in all my references to future featured heroes.

I think we may end up seeing Natalya and Hel in December and then it cycles through the heroes in that fashion. Where you get 2 opportunities a year to get 2017 heroes and 1 more chance at 2018 heroes.


I think they will return in season 3 portal. So they keep the pattern for season 2 returning HOTM and start a new one for season 3 , maybe starting with Hel (june 2017 HOTM) and Nat (january 2018 HOTM)

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Maybe a miracle will happen-the Hero Academy will be worth while and early HoTM will be available.

…But I’m talking loaves and fishes level of miracle.


I hope old HOTM and season 2 heroes are available by teining them.