Is this it?

We all just opened our war chest and EVERY single one of us got 50 or 100 lame emblems and a costume key, thats it…pure junk for a war chest which just goes along with the complete junk from colored chests where it has been months on my accounts since i have seen nothing but 3 silver tokens and dont even get me started on HA 10 - pulled now 67 times on my accounts and every single time a lame season one duplicate


Have you noticed the lack of raid attacks recently? The significant drop in traffic on this forum? How dead recruiting is in AR and GC? People are leaving. And not just a few. Reasons are the unfulfilled promises made, the drastic drop in good loot, the constant money grab offers that deliver the same garbage pulls in the portals. Every good idea gets ignored while the latest additions are more money grab garbage. They won’t be satisfied until they ruin the whole thing.


Yes i saw the lack in raids and I thought is just me but as I can say is bad for all of us mostly and I find the lack on titan as well

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Thats mostly because of the new formations and not because people are leaving. I get his frustration since i havent gotten a descent ascension mat from an elemental chest for 10 months. and i was opening one every 3 weeks. And sorry but 50-100 emblems are really not lame. Dont forget that they are not farmable.


Agreed the new formations are tough so obviously not many are trying I think. but again I hav seen a big change in the love for this game and wouldn’t surprise me if SG cancel the game and concentrated on the new baby combat puzzles.

The loot is a joke aswell.


For me personally, i have noticed between 2450 and 2600 trophies i don’t get attacked very often. From 2601-2649 it’s like 1 or 2 every time i log on. Once i get to 2650 or really above 2700 it’s anyone’s guess as to how many times i get attacked. I can’t say i keep track of it all but i can say 2700 is the level that my attacks go up significantly.


And yet there was 1.3 million accounts that actively registered for the last tournament (I was still 1% at 13500th place)

You get above 2700 cups you get raided plenty.

Below that not so much as I think as said the raid formations are making it harder for the lower strengths to have a cheeky pop at the prime defences.

Is the traffic down in the forum? When something goes wrong or they bring in a change that a part of the player base dislikes it gets plenty busy. Maybe a lot of the complainers have decided to go rant on Reddit or Facebook instead???

Game doesn’t feel dead no matter much you want it to be.


I don’t think the above mentioned person wants this game to be dead nor do I get the hostility that people get when they have a complaint about this game since we all know things aren’t 100% as they should be. The community was promised a fix to hero academy a very very long time ago yet we’re still waiting, the probability odds in pulls and any number of things could be better. But I just don’t get when someone posts a gripe there is always somebody defending small giant when we should be united instead. It reminds we of the slavery days when some of the slaves would defend the slavers. They called the one defending “uncle toms” and they spoke against their own in favor of their oppressors!! It’s sad that this go on in this forum alot as well!


[quote=“Cheds, post:7, topic:238676”]
And yet there was 1.3 million accounts that actively registered for the last tournament (I was still 1% at 13500th place) [/quote]

Registered, maybe…actually playing , no.

I stay 2650+ trophies and spent most of the past 30 days in the 2700+ range. Spent most of today on the road at 2731 cups. No raids.

I’ve already had to check you before. Not afraid to do it again. Simps for E&P are a big reason this forum is dead as their incoherent arguments for the nonstop screwups are mind numbingly ridiculous. You can’t take the truth. Across all threads the numbers are down SIGNIFICANTLY from what they were a year ago. This place looks like a ghost town when measured against traffic 2 years ago.
However, it is extremely sad that both this forum and the game chat itself are so poorly done that real leaders (like myself) have to use 3rd party apps to run things properly (line, discord, etc). Oh look, another promise made by the devs that goes unfulfilled.
You can try to cuddle up with your E&P poster in your SG pjs and tell yourself everything is fine. I have no problem with you doing that. But reality hits harder to those who refuse to read the writing on the wall.

Btw- I don’t hate this game. I am still very involved in it and have a great family I lead. But the constant bad decisions , bad loot, the complete lack of a real customer care attitude on this games behalf has driven away many excellent players.


I agree war chests tend to be underwhelming. At least those who got 100 emblems, that’s the max you can get from war chest.

The only other place you can get (not guaranteed) 100 emblems is top 1% in raid tournament.

A year ago, it used to be 1.5-1.6 millions. The last time I check few months ago, 14.???th do not result in top 1% which means less than 1.5 millions.

Back to topic:
War chest have 2 guaranteed 3* AM or above but it could be farmables. Each of those 2 rolls have 10% chance to be 4* AM and 90% chance to be 3* AM (7 out of 11 they are 3* unfarmables while 4 out of 11 are 3* farmables).

War Chest is not worth the effort since the beginning.


This last wars, while most only gotten 50 emblems (I did get 100 paladin emblems) and some rare ascension mats, some obtained epic ascension mats from the war chest. However, there is a reason (or more) why we have these kind of threads:

Please contribute and/or share your mind in any or both of those aforementioned existing threads.

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To the esteemed moderators, please close this thread.


Puzzle combat isn’t new, it’s been around a while too, and there’s the same systems in place on it as well…both owned by SG…E&P just made more $

Last night I fought 5 raid battles to fill up my chest and went to bed, when I woke up 5 hours later I counted 33 attacks on my defense team, that is hardly a dead game.

However if you stop raiding yourself then your defense team will reach a point score where it isn’t attractive to raid.

Same. I actually didn’t raid much before but now that I have a pretty decent team I’ve been raiding more. I stay around 2600 cups or so and every time I get up to the late 2600’s I log in the next morning and I’ve been attacked a bunch. Doesn’t seem dead to me at all in that sense.

I went to bed last night just above 2700, I just checked my watch tower, I had 4 attacks overnight, resulting in a loss of about 10 cups… just a few month back, signing off at 2700 was certitude of slaughter, I actualy posted seveal times on this matter, with losses up to 500+ cups overnight. Threshold has moved up from 2700 towards 2800. My defense is just as unspectacular as it was one year ago, no top shelf heroes, I would most likely win 9 times out of 10 against it. Claiming raiding hasn’t changed is absurd. Attack rate has gone down big time.


I am frustrated that its been several hours but my cup dropping 3600 TP defense still hold on in 2500 cup…


While we were still warring, my gf and I managed to open 3 war chests in 3.5 months, which I say is above average.

And even if we pulled 50-100 emblems each time, a reset emblem occasionally, a gold token occasionally and several 3* and 4* mats (which we did), the loot seems so very small for the time and effort wasted.

Had similar experience with bigger titans (range 9-10*). We were hunting for 3* mats of course but we got very few. An average of 4-5 per month from titans varying from 6* to 10* in different alliances. Of course one could make the argument that hitting 14* titans will give more 3* mats. That may be so, but the thing is, when a player has the prerequisities to be accepted in an alliance killing 14*, they don’t need 3* mats anymore! And the same issue with underwhelming titan loot continues, where they kill 14* and get only a few 4* mats per month.

In conclusion: Too much effort on war and titans, too many items wasted on titans (even minor mana potions hurt to use constantly). In comparison the loot is not worth it. And I hear that players are even opening their war chests much more seldom than once per month and they get way worse loot than mine for example.

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I dont think raid activity is the best descriptor of game activity.

Like cheds mentions tournament participation seems more relevant, I think the number only includes those who actively click on the join button. If not it would be almost impossible to finish bottom 25% due to all the zombie accounts scoring zero.

Also based on the below article I stumbled across in my Google feed the other day, given that the performance installment has doubled from the previous one it wouldn’t resonate with the mass exodus that seems to be claimed (either that or the remaining have drastically increased spending habits) There may have been an exodus of longer term players who reached end game stage, but overall doesnt seem like we should be in fear of the servers closing any time soon.


3.5 month = 105 days = 15 weeks = 30 war

Average = 50:50 win/loss ratio

15 wins + 15 loses = 75 + 15 = 90 points

3 war chests = 75 points

75 < 90 = under average


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