Is this game so much greedy

so what do you think

It really depends on your experience and expectations. I play for free and have worked hard to get a great roster.

I don’t expect to match the progress and premium heroes of those who spend, but I can compete just below the ceiling in a top 300 alliance, smash 11* titans, hit 1% in Tournaments and finish every event and challenge.

Plus I get to rock and roll in this active and diverse community of many, many funny and clever people.

The odds are what they are. The boards are random. Some of the deals are ok and some look a bit grubby.

But if I compare E&P to most other companies, they are no worse, they don’t steal water like Coke, they don’t cause huge carbon emissions like McDonald’s and they don’t sell data like Facebook. And I tolerate all those other companies.

I’d love improved communication with the players, more respect for beta feedback and I’d like to be able to upload bigger gif files. Because I love a gif.


100% this. I’m CTP – I’ve spent about $100 over the last year with almost all of that from Google rewards – and put together what I feel is a solid roster. Because I’m CTP, it’s got holes and I just work around those. But I’m happy with my team and feel little need to spend big.

Others want to have the shiny new toy every month and spend handsomely to get it. More power to them as they help keep this great game running for me!

Can I beat them? Not consistently. But I can get to the top 20 in cups any time I want to make a run. I won’t stay long, but not many do!


I see posts like this quite a bit and am not sure why. It’s a for profit business. If you don’t feel it’s fair stop playing. If like me you enjoy it keep playing. Why are we constantly debating this?!?!?!?


Wish I could like this more than once!

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Loot boxes, the opiate of the masses for the 21st Century. The drip-drip-drip of dopamine that keeps us hooked and drives us to distraction.


It’s because someone has to be that annoying voice in your ear

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Although I sympathize with the feeling, both feelings - that it is greedy and that there is no point discussing it - There is no statute of limitation for grievances.

You can get a real good experience from game by invest just your free time, money is just an accelerator. If you want a hero of the month farm atlantis coins, farm event coins, store your epic hero tokens until a hero of the month you like came. I got #seshat that way and ı am way too happy to get her. If you want full 5* teams build x2 train 20 and you will get eventually all season 1, 5*s.

It’s not true!

But you can make it true for 3$.
We accept credit cards.

All you have to do is save up all your coins and tokens for 2 years to have a statistical chance of getting one hero you want. After those 2 years, a lot of people will still be left with nothing.
Sounds like a rewarding experience…

This game is as greedy as you let it be.

There are plenty of F2P players for which this game costs nothing.

I have played other games where the cost to speed up your progress is just as high as here. As long as there is a demand for that pricing there will be a supply. It’s called capitalism.

You can do it totally free with my way :slight_smile: there is not such a “guaranteed” i saw people who summon a 5* season2 and hotm with just 100 atlantis coin.
Game’s RNG could be harsh. But i can fairly say “if there is a chance to happen it happens, always” as a actuary.

Hahaha! I think we need to make someone plural…seems to be more than one!!!

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