Is this fake news

Hi staff i heard that some people have a way of cheating this game my having bots play for them as well so when we are fighting them we cannot win even if they have a crappy team and our team is way better as in there should be no way they beat us but they do as well i also heard that they have a way of getting free gem i heard this through one of my line chats if this is so then thats not fair to us honous players

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“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”
-Abraham Lincoln


I believe it is fake news.


  1. That’s cute.
  2. It’s not for you or me to decide. Unless you can physically see someone cheating, it’s generally best to assume that they’re not.
  3. If an entire culture were engaging in such activity, I’m pretty sure there would be universal statistics to back it up and EVERYONE would be up in arms.
  4. ‘the russian’? Perhaps we shouldn’t categorize an entire culture into one giant group. If you have concerns about a specific alliance, it would be best to put that in a support ticket. Shaming people/alliances (rightfully or not) is not acceptable behavior on the forums.
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Moderator’s Note

I edited the original post to remove a blanket statement about those accused of cheating.

In keeping with #forum-rules, for the purposes of this discussion please do not make accusations about specific or categories of players, or discuss specific exploits or this thread will need to be closed. Thanks!


How are you imagining such an exploit would work? There’s literally no direct player-vs-player in this game. When you raid someone, it’s the SG servers that are running the defense team, not your opponent’s mobile phone. So unless someone fully hacked the servers and rewrote the code on them to allow cheating, I’m having trouble imagining how this could be. And something tells me SG would notice a full hack/code rewrite pretty quickly.

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I heard if you play naked then it is possible to cheat.


"Don’t believe everything you hear about the internet from Abraham Lincoln, his coding skills are rubbish…’
William Shakespeare



Thank you i also thought it was fake but i still wanted to check it out anyways

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Given how terribly AI, for my raid defense and when using auto-play, handles things, I don’t think I would ever want to place anything in the hands of bots.

And any sites promising to give you some sort of code or other means to cheat the game into free gems or whatever, are notorious for being nothing but virus-laden spyware or malware.

Even if you found one that actually did what it promised, you run the risk of losing your account and being banned…and rightly so!


Sure thing. People hate losing, and in the absence of real explanations, we tend to come up with stories about what’s happening. You were wise to come and ask rather than just believing the stories :slight_smile:


The gems part is true through hacked gems. U can find them on youtube and facebook, but players are being banned for that so not worth the risk in my opinion. Plus the players that did that still suck in my opinion


I don’t think that’s an SG problem, so much as people interfering with the connection between SG and the Play Store/App Store. But it’s super easy for SG to catch I suspect, since they can just reconcile cash inbound with reported purchases. Sounds like the world’s best way to get banned fast. Plus you might get a virus from the gem sellers, who have already proven to be unscrupulous. Super bad idea to go hunting for gem buy hacks.


One could use an app to stay online, so one can’t be raided.

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I believe that I have run into this several times over my 18+ months of playing.

“Bill Shakespeare wouldn’t know the first thing about computers had he been personally incepted by Bill Gates. Like in that movie ‘Inception.’”

  • Christopher Columbus, last quote just before he set off for India.

They actually implemented checks for that one according to one old post

Yes, people can get illegal gems. But there are soooo many ways that can come back to haunt you

Click for just a few examples of scams
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Can confirm… I’m a bot!!!


What the heck?! It was a ■■■■ joke! Hahaha, there are no such things as Russian Gems or a hidden rare quest to unlock robot raiding. Wow people

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