Is this fair?- Matched with overpowers enemy!

In the war my alliance was paired with another alliance too superior. Is this fair?



How can we be even in something?

Did you look, if some of them joined after matchmaking?

If yes, they won’t be able to participate this time.

Looks hard, about double ally score…

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What are the war scores?


Yer, some might be opted out of war

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Your alliance could also have more depth than theirs. I had that happen once

Matchmaking is not based on trophy also not based on raid defense, but based on best 30 heroes.

  • The best 30 heroes in hero roster of each Alliance member opted in for war
  • Out of the 30 heroes, the most weight is put on the best five heroes of each Alliance member
  • Player count of the Alliance (also subtracting those who have opted out) - they try to get an even number of players on both sides, but it can vary by up to three members.
  • The troop strength of the best in each element
  • War history (minor impact compared to Hero Power)



Show us the war scores, that would be relevant. You have no way of knowing who is signed in for wars and who isn’t before the war starts, neither how deep the enemy rosters are.


I doubt it. They have allies of level 49-45-45-39-37-36-38-34-35 … and more. Each of them must have at least 3 super strong teams.

Look at their war score and yours.

They could be on a losing streak and you could be on a winning streak, this will usually result in a bad matchup

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Not necessarily. I know a player over Level 50 who doesn’t have a full 5* team. Player levels aren’t indicative of that player’s strength


We lost our previous war

My empirical evidence says the opposite. Always high levels has 6 very competitive teams. Independent of the stars of the heroes

That is right. It’s not uncommon at all for a level 50 f2p player not to have a fully maxed 5* team. But, you also should consider the possibility that they might have a pretty significant 4* bench. And judging by the number of cups displayed by both alliances, I would say 4* heroes are going to have the hardest word to say in this war…


Looking at the member numbers, my best guess is that several of their members aren’t participating in this war. Only way a matchup this uneven in member-count can happen

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Also right! @Hijo_de_Jupiter, how many teams is your side fielding?

The fact that you are a 20 member alliance and they are a 30 member alliance tells me that a lot of their members will not participate in this war. By and large the new algorithm does a pretty good job of matching alliances… what it can’t really capture all that well is how organized/active the alliance is (although it tries based on recent war win/loss history).

We’ve been fighting a lot of teams lately that are much “stronger” than us, but they aren’t organized or don’t use all their flags.


Where will the trap be? How can they have a similar weighting?

I appreciate your comments friends. But I think there is a trap for this. We just lost the previous war. Let’s hope how the war happens I will tell you …

PNG abc2

Perhaps they have a large number of members who have opted out of war.

In your image just above this post, you show that their “Punctuación de la guerra” is, in fact, LOWER than yours. This is likely because they have members who are participating in titan fights, and opting out of war.

Either way, it’s likely to be a tough fight. War always is.

Good luck.


This is completely not true. I am an alliance leader and I see pretty much everyone’s deck when they join our alliance. I"ve seen quite a few mid to upper 40s level players with 5 maxed 5s and a few partially leveled 5s after that…and nothing else leveled.

At the end of the day. Use all your flags and let the wins/loses sort themselves out.


At that war score (158k) I can guarantee you that they are (a) not very deep benched, (b) not very organized, or © both.

Our alliance - while good and very active, is only 25 days old and we have a war score of almost 490k.

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