Is this epic offer worth it?

Should I buy or wait for these items to come free with missions to spare some gems for summoning.

They are no 4*. So I wouldn’t spare the gems. Maybe if the orb (or is it called marble?) is the last one, I need to level a hero.

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good offer, needed gloves, worth it

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Getting lucky winning ascension items makes no sense. I have 6 thar have all needed gloves fir months. Someone else in my alliance has 50. Personally I’m taking the deal.

For me it’s worth it, given my current holy heroes and the state of their advancement. OTOH I did have the gems handy, and would have thought twice before spending money to buy more gems before my next budgeting expenditure period is up. YMMV depending on what you have to work with and what you need.

Does anyone have a screenshot of the last elemental gem offer? It was blue and had a warm cape. This one looks much better.

Not worth it. 500 gems is almost a 2 x epıc summons.
Then again if it were 2x 4* items then that would be different.

So it’s one epic summon then.
If you need those items (and considering the amount of people on the forum begging for gloves, many people will), two guaranteed ascension items is better VFM than another Graymane and some change.


Is it worth it to someone new to the game? Maybe not since you need heroes more than rare materials (though one could argue there are never enough and you should stockpile asap).

Is it worth it to someone with 4 TC20s and never enough unfarmable ascension items? You better believe it. If you hoard gems like me and don’t really spin the epic hero wheel, these (gems) only cost the effort to get them in normal game play (basically free). That 3* yellow trainer was just icing on the cake for Leo.


For me, most of the offers that offer those kind of ascension items are worth it. I feel like the rare quests, elemental chests, titan drops, etc for them are way too rare. Unless you have a shortage of stronger heroes- then saving for summons could be a better option.

I needed the gloves so I thought it was worth it. I have a lot of 4 starts on my bench that need leveling :).

I exchanged unwanted 500 jewels because the add pop upped when I wanted to attack the titan. Please be careful. There is no conformation asked

Weird - I got a confirmation. Clicked once and then had to confirm the purchase.


It happened with the previous offer . Some one told me that there is now a conformation asked. So it seems save to play again

Or possibly a 4-5* hero, & a hero of the month. Still 500 gems for any ascension items is a rip off. Even if it were 1000 gems, there would be
“independent” ppl on this forum saying that SG is so great & wonderfull for this amazing and “Epic” offer.

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I think that is where deciding for yourself if the deal is right for you.

I would take it if I had the gems or money to get gems. But I maxed this month.

I will be kicking myself in about a week when I need a 2nd pair of gloves.

It is an offer, maybe good maybe bad. It is up to the player to decide if it is worth it for their self.

This is a good offer compared to previous offer a cape and farmable,however the timing is bad. I already used up all my gems for event summon. :disappointed_relieved: . SG why did you do me dirty :sob:

The cape deal was a ripoff (I still bought it as it provided me a 4th cape for Kiril I needed badly). This one, for me, is not a ripoff. If it were 1000 gems, it would be and I wouldn’t have bought it as I didn’t need the items that bad.

Note: I personally wouldn’t buy gems to buy this offer, but these deals are great for people that just bank gems for things like I do.

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I am going to have to rethink my gem spending. I like new heros but have a ton to level already.

I like the gem + mat offers like during the Easter event.

Worth it for me I was dying for gloves got three 4* heroes I need to ascend and all the materials except gloves. The Orb and trainer are basically icing on the cake for me.

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