Is this allowed or it is a cheat on system?

I have never seen this before, and would like the Mods and other experienced player to help answering this.

This alliance top 6 players have 4500+ power, and 7th to 11th are 4400 - 4200.
The rest, from 12 to 29, are so and so.
We are facing them in the war, and only sending 19 players out.
8 players putting 700-900 power team out, and so most of their points go to their most power top 11 players in their alliance.
Our top 10 players all under 4300 power.
They way the opponent setting up the war like this, our top teams have difficulties to get points from their top teams, their >1000 power teams only have 27 points on each defeat, but their 8 manipulated teams get higher and easier points from us. Of course, their 4600/4500 teams can get 6 easy matches on us as well.

Does this manipulation allowed in the game, and does this affect the match pairing system?
In the beginning they have those 4600/4500 players and the best we have is >4300. I don’t understand how the system would pair them to us.

Frequently asked & answered previously.

Have a read of this thread for an explanation on how matchmaking is done:

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And this one for an update on how the “war history” component will be changed from V31 onwards:

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