Is this allowed- Gem scam

Please do try to screenshot the player’s name. Staff is acting to halt this spam.


Screen ■■■■ has for some reason been deleted, will get again whn see again

This a different name bt here is the post same code

This is clearly a scam but I’m just wondering HOW exactly is it supposed to work? Is the code also a code of the app in Store? Cause in all of the “FREE GEMS!” scams I’ve seen a person has to download an app from the store (and that app is either full of spammy ads or infects the phone). Don’t understand how this one is supposed to work.

You should google the key word, as the message says. If you do that, you’ll get a single hit that directs to a blogspot page, then redirected to a raffle-like page. Whether the code is malign or not I can’t tell.


To clear any doubt, if the gems aren’t bought in the very official app then you are sure it’s a scam…
and I even add that everyone should try to ban them from the chat.


I find it highly suspicious that the “players” offering this are all very low level, likely accounts created just to perpetrate this scam.


Always assume malign

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I looked at it afew days ago, it wanted u 2 dwn load a game do 10 lvls, and fill in forms for a shop gift card

Don’t trust it unless it asks for your SSN.

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Other players (not me) explored these 1000 gem generators-- they turned out to be click bait that required personal info to join different kinds of marketing promotions .

It’s not worth the adware/spyware/phishing your phone/tablet can pick up with these scams.

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Jst now, they been going days, woth the same code bt different names, been 4 or 5 names now, and 3 days ago it was d on 13,

From right now…

It’s no biggie. A lot of games have people that do this; it always leads to a website where you have to complete offers to get the supposed reward. You never do get it though and the person on the site gets a kickback for the offers you completed. Sometimes even just for clicking on the link. Games that have an in-game chat and have a decent amount of players always have this sort of thing in them.

Actually this is a big deal. Staff is actively working to stop this, so the continuing updates are welcome.

Be warned that if you do buy gems from a third party, you are likely to wake up some day to a big negative gem balance. Just ignore these offers.

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The link referenced above doesn’t get anyone anywhere with either purchasing or receiving gems for free from a third party. If you are talking about ‘cheap’ gems sellers, then yes those are a big deal that impact the game’s economy as well as the bottom line for Small Giant.

Jst now

Been reporting these Aswell as updating here, it’s the same code now as a wk ago, they jst change the name tht post under, and have took out the 1st 50 peopel, to be 50 people

here’s another one just posted

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