Is this a skill game? I think so

Just wondering whether strategy plays a big roll in this game.

I think it still is. Give 30 same heroes to everyone and i think the people in the highest allies will stll win, because they have better skills on the long run.

Like to hear your words about this.
I always compare this with photography:

Give a top photographer a cell phone and he/she will make perfect photo’s
Give a top photo gear to a mediocre photographer and you will not get perfect photo’s.

I’m just curious what happens if a mediocre player like me gets Dante’s gear and the other way around :smiley: I just think that in the long way Dante will perform better with my gear. :smiley: Okay, there’s obvious some luck concerned but on the long run it isn’t.


If you compare how you play to putting the game on autopilot, then it demonstrates some of the skill in spotting how the tiles can move together.

Plus there’s skill in combining the skills of different heroes.

Perhaps you could organise an experiment. Find some players who can put together identical teams and run them through a level 20 times. See who can do it in fewest moves?


I agree. Very well said! Just look at some of the YouTube matches posted from top players. A lot of card selection stratagy as well as tile strategy and who to take out in what order from the opponent.


Nope. It’s a slot machine.


Yes, but it’s like poker - there’s a large amount of variance based on 1. luck on hero pulls and 2. short-term variance on boards.

But long term, skill wins out, just like poker. But there are swings…


There is a certain level of ‘skill’ in the game, although I see it more as understanding the game mechanics. Once you fully understand the game mechanics the skill factor diminishes greatly and you are left with mostly luck. There is no way to count the colors and predict what tiles will come from the bottom of the board. So you are left with generally obvious moves and winning or losing often comes down to the mercy of the colors and combos on the board. The ‘top’ players certainly understand the game mechanics but the main reason they are top players is hero roster and money spent, which basically goes hand and hand with hero roster. This is why I laugh at this whole AW thing and everyone trying to balance the matchup system when it will never be balanced with when it is based on greed and not fun. This game should be almost entirely focused on alliance PVE content… Titans, alliance provinces, tag team with other members. Alliance wars are fun but ridiculously poorly thought out.


I 100% agree with you @VFROOD. I have been writing on raid strategies for a few months now. As I focus on what I am doing and take time to learn, my skills have gotten much better. I feel this is a Strategic game with and element of luck, not the other way around.

I feel your head is in the right place. At lease it is in the same place as mine. :wink:

Just for reference:
Raiding in the Top 1000, Pt. 1


People who think it’s a game of luck are those who lose on Poker yet spend a lot on the roulette.

There’s a luck factor, but there’s also lots of strategy involving teambuilding, opponent selection and board analysis. Also, for Titans, there’s also the “think fast” factor. Also skill.


It’s a combination of strategy, rpg, and luck. I think these 3 are equally part of this game.

Luck is the unknown stuff like starting board, upcoming tiles, hero pulls, criticals, etc. Rpg is the amount of time, money, and effort into creating strong heroes. Strategy is the understanding and insight of the board, possible outcomes, hero interactions, etc.


Tell that to the boards that constantly cascade dead tiles into every opposing hero until your whole team is nuked in one turn because you made the only match available. It’s a slot machine.


There is some elements of strategy to the game, but it is mainly RNG and time and money invested that matter.

For a light-hearted take on the matter:

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I know luck/RNG plays a role, but I’m very much aware of the difference between an E&P Master and Paduwan (tongue-in-cheek here!): :wink:


  • Obtains and utilizes (first Brienne, then) WuKong
  • Knows the color wheel
  • Knows what each heroes in his/her hand does AND how to defeat them
  • Practices Raid with all sorts of line ups
  • Knows how to Ghost tile
  • Stuns the Titan
  • Knows how to double and triple colors
  • Knows not only how to make dragons and diamonds on the board but can make multiple diamonds at will, drawing from any side of the board


  • Eats Brienne and WuKong
  • Vaguely aware of the color wheel
  • Knows his/her heroes’ names and colors
  • Does not know why s/he loses Raid
  • What’s a ghost tile?
  • Stuns the Titan infrequently
  • Places double/triple colors next to each other on Defense
  • Intuitively makes matches, mostly 3’s and 4’s. A diamond is a triumph.

Naturally, every Master was once a Paduwan.


You missed your true calling to international diplomacy, Rook. The G7 could have used your even hand (paw?) and even temper.

I’d love to see a video of the likes of @dante and a newcomer using the same team over a number of runs. Perhaps this would finally end the debate.

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@rook, can you express this in a different way? I’m not able to understand with my limited english.

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  • Ghost-Tiling. When there is an opening made between enemy heroes because you have killed one (or more), firing into the open spaces gives you double mana and does not increase your opponent’s mana.

  • Make multiple diamonds at will. I was referring to the skill of a master player, recognizing five-matches all over the board, in multiple ways, not just the obvious ones.


Do not kid yourself.

If anyone thinks they’re a master at matching colors and they’re better than the next person…(go ahead and tell yourself that…if it makes you feel special)

but it’s all luck.
Perfect example…my highest titan hit was 86000 6 months ago…and it consisted of a 2nd ascension WU…3rd asc. leonids. And 3rd asc jackall…with non leveled troops…6 months of building that…adding Boldtusk…and 4 star troops and using tornados…6 months later That same group is now fully leveled…and I haven’t cracked 70k

And even if you give the same 30 heros to the same people…the tile layouts are all different.

I’ve spent a few hundred and have a decent team. And I’m amazed at how some of these people have lvl 30 4* troops…(and multiples of the same colors)

Sure there are some basic strategies to synergize your team properly. But it’s kindergarten level.
I think the deepest it goes is countering zeline with boldtusk instead of…say using rigard
to get the red damage vs green buff and the damage up buff to counter zelines.
I think the recent hotm color stack bonus’s are cool…but again…no proc stacks that go beyond stuff a kindergarten kid wouldn’t realize.

It’s an extraordinarily shallow game. That is a fun waste of time due to the chance aspect (of tile cascades and hero summons)
And it Beats the creepy candy crush guy. The only reason i play it…is because I had hopes for depth and spent money early one…and I don’t want to jump ship since I’ve put real $$ into it. That’s it. I play it because I thought the game was something it wasn’t early on.


Ummm I still feed Brienne and WuKong to others.

Lol. Do you have a Wu that you’ve kept and trained??

If not, and you’re not pulling our collective legs, have a look at this thread to see how people agonise over this unique hero:

Luck is a big factor in this game. In fact, it’s the dominant one.

But even luck needs to be provoked. And that’s where skill, planning and strategy do come into play.

Same here, my highest score ever is 64k and 6 months old, maxed Wu but no consumables, no Kiril/Boldtusk. My team grew considerably stronger since and I’ve started using consumables. I -should- be smashing that score, right? However, back then that score was against a 5-star titan and now we’re farming 8-star titans. That is a huge difference.

Personally I’d call it easy to learn, difficult to master. But that difficulty is not about team compositions. I agree, that’s not the most complicated stuff. I still think it’s interesting and fun, but all it takes is a good noggin’ and some reading comprehension, it’s not really “skill”.

I do think there’s a good amount of skill in getting the best results out of your board. About when to ghost, when not to. About how to kill that opponent without setting off this or that hero, when to fire the special and in which order, or when to hold off. About how to cope with bad luck, about working with what you get on that board. About also winning the raid with half of your team still standing and all of that well planned synergy gone. And, last but not least, about firing -fast- during time limited battles (titans, challenges).

I’ve found this game surprisingly deeper than I ever thought when I started playing this game. Since we’re both playing the same game though, I suggest that could also be due to different expectations at our starts :wink:


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