Is this a reason to throw the phone against the wall?

Someone let one of my teammates with his drake with 1hp… if this happened to me i think i would brake my phone​:joy::joy:.

How many of you would do the same?


That would really be a tough pill to swallow :confounded:. Throwing one’s phone, maybe. But yelling - definitely!


Strange u mentioned this. I’ve seen the same with a bane alone surviving with 1 health in war on the opponent’s side.

Wouldn’t break my phone or device over it but it is a tough break !

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Could be worse. One of my teammates had the entire opponent dead except for Alby at like 5 health, and couldn’t finish him off before he brought 2 others back.

Same thing happened to me.

Alby was half mana and with 150-200 hp and far from Vivica, who is 1 turn from mana full.
I hit Vivica enough for her to die, but a combo creates an off-color diamond that then triggers and charge Alby.
Alby unleach, resurrect 3 enemies. Vivica unleach and heals everyone…
instead of 60 points for the kill, i got 7 and it took 3 more flags to take him down😳

First time it happened to us was during a war, with Colen at 1 HP (thanks to the new emblems).

We all collectively started at it wondering who would have to waste a flag on it

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I once happened to a Titan but today half the Alliance laughs about it

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